I Had to Get a Cheap Windows VPS to Be a File Server for My Electronics Hobby Website

I started a server at our house for sharing resources among a group of hobbyists. I hosted a forum online, then started a file server from my home. It was just a few of us sharing schematics, drawings, ideas and more for our electronics-building hobby. The Internet Service Provider I had offered a liberal upload speed that made sharing the files with a few people easy. As it grew, I needed to find a cheap Windows VPS to be the file server. I needed to have full control of an OS on a server online to manage it. I had no idea there were so many enthusiasts of building basic to advanced electronic projects and ideas. We share everything from circuit designs to 3D printing files to make prototypes.

There is no worries about someone taking an idea and developing it into a viable commercial product as all the stuff offered is free to use however one wishes. If someone can make a go of something, then that is great. Most of it is just learning how to do different things with real hands-on type of training from following the detailed instructions in building projects. I remember my first experiences in building electronics. I got those kits from Radio Shack as gifts as a child. My first one was a crystal radio. That was what really set me off into the world of discovery of electronics. I mean, after all, it is a radio that works without a battery! How cool is that?

There were no VPSs back then. There was not even any public Internet. Things have come a long way in just a few short years. I think it is important for younger people interested in electronics to have easy access to ideas, schematics and a forum for learning. The cheap Windows VPS I use is actually fully supported with ads I have on the forum and website, and all the content is provided by the users.