Cheap Apartments in Silver Spring Area

I need to find a list of cheap Silver Spring MD apartments for rent and hopefully I can come across something quickly on the internet, because this is a matter that is pretty time-sensitive and it is very important that i am able to get into a new apartment as soon as possible. I am going to be working in Washington, D.C. at my new job, and even though I will be working there, I am going to live in SIlver Spring. That is how a lot of people do it, because there are some serious drawbacks to living inside of the city, and a lot of that has to do with traffic. But anyway, I am excited about my new job even if it does mean that I am going to have to deal with some pretty serious traffic on a regular basis.

I think it will be worth it in the long run, and the reason that I am looking for a cheap apartment, as opposed to one that is more luxirious, is because I do not like to rent, and do not plan on renting the apartment very long. My first priority at my new job is to try to assess how I am going to fit in there, and whether I think that I will be at this office for a long time.

I would much prefer to own, as opposed to renting, and I guess a lot of people say that. But I want to be able to put up a sizable down payment when I buy a house int he area, so that I am able to pay it off faster, and not have to have as long of a term for my mortgage. But it might be a year before I can put together enough money to do that, and so I guess I will probably live in an apartment in the mean time.