We Are Going to Move to a Nice Place So That We Will All Be Happier

When I found out that my kids were being bullied in school, I’ve checked into what other options they would have if I transferred them to another school. Unfortunately, we live in a small town where there’s only one school, and transferring them to one in another town wasn’t possible. I decided that it would be best to move altogether, so I began looking at apartments in Las Vegas in summerlin because it would be a good idea for my girls and me, too. Because Vegas is such a large city, I would have countless jobs to choose from here.

My girls had been dealing with bullies at school for several years. It was really affecting both of them. One of my daughters became depressed, and she was struggling in school. My other daughter was becoming quite belligerent at home and at school because of the bullying issues. I had talked to the school administration many times about what was going on, and they didn’t really seem to care. They told me that my daughters should be in counseling so that they can deal with these issues, but I didn’t find that to be a suitable solution. I knew that I had to do something.

I tried to homeschool the girls for a while, but that became really tough on me because I have to work full time. I knew that my only option was to move the girls to another school, so I decided that we were going to move so that they could have a more peaceful school life. The girls love their new school, and they are having no problems with any of the kids in their new school. This is going to be a great solution for all of us, and the fresh start is just what we needed in order to be happy again.