Success in Comfortable Companion Cohabitation

My girlfriend and I have been living together for nearly a year now. People said that we would have a hard time living together because we were so young, but so far they’ve been wrong. I think things have been going great for us because when we were looking for apartments in Colorado Springs, we took a lot of time to think about what we really wanted and didn’t settle until we agreed on something that would be beneficial for the both of us. This is something that people usually skip when searching for a home or apartment, and one partner usually ends up happier than the other.

My needs for an apartment were a little bit simpler than my girlfriends. I just wanted to have a place that was spacious enough and had the basics. My girlfriend wanted all of that, plus a little more on the side. She wanted to have somewhere to exercise, wanted to be as close to the major shopping center as possible, and was even worried about the education level of the school children in the area. I could see how the first two might be necessary, but the third one really didn’t make sense, especially since we didn’t have any children, nor did we have any plans at the moment to make any.

My girlfriend and I plan to be living here for a while. We haven’t really thought about marriage, but if we do get married, we’ll probably stay in the apartment, unless our family gets so big that we need to move into a house. I’d honestly rather not have to take out a mortgage so I can afford a house. My girlfriend would probably want to move into a house that would be too much for us to afford unless we had assistance.