Twelve Alwars have contributed to the hymns in the Naalayira Divya Prabhandham. They are Poigai alwar (பொய்கை ஆழ்வார்), Bhutat alwar. See photos, profile pictures and albums from 12 Alwars. The āḻvārs, also spelt as alwars or azhwars are 12 devotional saints born in the region of south India. These saints wrote devotional poems in.

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They were born in the time period between the end of dhvApara yugam and the beginning of kaliyugam yuga sandhi — transition period — see in the bottom for details. He served his Guru equal to Lord and thus got liberation.

Read more about the lives of the alwars and the acharyas, their mysticism, their pastimes, their teachings, their devotion and their interactions with the Lord in the following posts. There are thousands of attendants to Vishnu in the Paramapadam. They were all born a day after each other in sequence — poigaiyAr, bhuthathAr, pEyar.

Orthodoxy posits the number of alvars as ten, though there are other references that include Andal and Madhurakavi Alvarmaking the number twelve.

It is to be noticed that the weapons like disc, sword, conch, etc have incarnated as Azhvars, mainly to sing in praise of the Lord and to serve Him in his abode. Some modern scholars suggest that they lived during 5th – 9th century CE, “on the basis of a few historical evidences”, although no “clear” evidence exists to fit them between 5th to 9th century CE. In all, there 12 Alwars but orthodoxy considers only 10 Alwars; excluding Andal and Madhurakavi Alwar.

Thirumazhisai Alwarwho thought the Perumal as his friend and has sung Mangalasasanam on Perumal. Early history of Vaishnavism in south India. Ranganatha in the guise of a servant took a golden vessel from the temple and gave it to the courtesan as a gift from Vipranarayana.

Nachiyar Thirumozhiverses; Thiruppavai30 verses. Kulasekhara Alvar was a king of Chera land and was an. His verses on the childhood, boyhood and youth of Krishna initiated a new genre in Tamil literature known as ‘Pallait Tamil’. Others are added “an” for younger people. The period of Azhvars is said to be between 6 th and 9 th Century.


For people who do not know ‘ tamil ‘, relevant english translation for some of the words can be seen. Poigai, Bhutam and Pey alwars are known as the first three Alwars. Simply, that the whole creation is God and the devotee uses the world of phenomena to offer his thanksgiving to the Creator of this world.

Several schools of Hindu religious thoughts have been established by great saints and thinkers. The suffix “ar” is added in the Tamil language to people who deserve respect.

12 Great Alwars, Alvars, Azhwars, Nammalwar, Sri Andal, Alwar, Hindu Temples, Periyalwar

Bhudevi Vishnu’s wife and the earth goddess. According to the tradition, the Sri Vaishnava school of thought originated from the Supreme Lord Krishna.

This is discussed in this question. According to these texts, the saints were considered incarnations of some form of Vishnu. Bhutattalvar uses the inner countries of this mind for his adoration: His large eyes that are dark, Vast, Bright and Red-veined Have indeed rendered me mad. Their lives not only inspire an aspiring devotee but also enrich his spiritual knowledge.

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Indian philosophy and theology are not only appreciated and admired across the globe for their lofty ideals, evolved ideas, philosophical depth, antiquity and their utility and applicability in day-to-day life but also for their diversity.

Retrieved from ” https: One of them is Ramanujacharya who is also known as Ilaya alwar. 112

Facts about Alwars – The Bhakti Saints of South India

Such was his superior bakthi. Meaning who have immersed very deep alwaars has returned back for us. The ardent devotees who are immersed in God Narayana are called Azhvars.

Many aspiring devotees have considered such saints as role models and have succeeded in their spiritual lives by fashioning their lives accordingly.


The Alvars hailed from different strata of life. They all appeared from flowers by the divine mercy of emperumAn. Together with the contemporary sixty three Shaiva Nayanarsthey are among the most important saints from Tamil Nadu. Yes, in Vedanta Desikan’s works,10 alwars were considered because Sri Madhura kavi alwar was not directly devoted to Lord.

Perialvar’s verses describing the flute-play of Krishna are sweet and sublime. It is generally held that the Alvars belong to the period between 2nd and 9th century A.

This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat This was compiled for the man kind irrespective of caste, class or gender 122 hence called DrAvida Veda. It was a feeling, a presence and yet quite palpable.

The three Alvars who were contemporaries were on a pilgrimage worshiping Vishnu in different temples and they happened to meet in Tirukoilur. These great devotees deserve great respect hence they are identified with alwan name but to show the uniqueness to the 12 alwars, no others are called as alwars.

Thiruppaan Alwarwho belonged to the Paanar family, praised the Perumal through his beautiful songs and Paasurams. Moreover, Srila Prabhupadathe founder-acharya of ISKCON has acknowledged the contribution of Ramanujacharya in his books and has encouraged his disciples to learn intricacies of deity worship from the Alawrs Vaishnava Sampradaya.

His Tiruviruttam presents the different stops in slwars mystic’s way: These Alwars are 12 in Number and out of which one is Sri Andal, who is a woman. This is called Dravida veda. Tirumangai spent long years of his life in Srirangam constructing and strengthening the temple’s fortress walls. Archived from the original on 21 June Together they spent their immense wealth in feeding pilgrims. Hinduism Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.