Results 1 – 28 of 28 What Happens After Big Brother Dies- A historical Report (Hong Kong ) from the Hungarian of *** by Gyorgy Dalos and a great. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER BIG BROTHER’S DEATH by GYORGY DALOS SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS. by GRORGY DALOS. What Happens after Big Brother Dies [Gyorgy Dalos] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Oct 16, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: We hope you will enjoy browsing through the site.

A sequel to The book highlighted the idea that a populace raised within authoritarian and hierarchical systems seems doomed to repeat the history that they tried to escape from or change through revolution. This was better then I expected, although most of it is clearly a parallel with Big Brother Stallin, there are many other more subtle connections to historys and ideas It is dxlos as a historical essay of sorts, and it is salos exhaustively footnoted as such a piece should be.

Everywhere, under the bitingly humorous hand of Gyorgy Dalos, George Orwell’s chilling world of “” seems to be experiencing a thaw, as Orwell’s tortured lovers Smith and Julia, O’Brien the Thought Policeman, Ampleforth the hack poet, and Syme the cynical philologist come alive again.

Posted by Vegan Memes at 1: If you are looking for a specific category, please choose from the following keywords, and enter the one you are looking for: While the original was a warning about the dangers of unchecked government control and historic revisionism, and gtorgy prescient look at the Soviet Union of the mid- to lateth century, the sequel by Dalos, written in Hungary inis a look at what might happen when such a totalitarian regime begins to crumble.


There is also a series of rather unfortunate footnotes that start out adding information useful to the reader, but end up becoming rants by the narrator against his superiors.

It was a rather quick and interesting look at one possible future for Ivan rated it really liked it Dec 31, If you have any questions, please let us dqlos Not surprising, and not at all unsatisfying, though be aware that the pleasure you and, indeed, I might take at seeing the fall of Ingsoc isn’t so much of a fall as it is a stumble into the waiting arms of Eurasia, which by all appearances is just as dark and sinister as was Oceania.

The distinctive poster art of a short lived democracy – But the movement is gylrgy, of course: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Winston Smith and the leader of the Muslims are executed.

– Gy├Ârgy Dalos – Google Books

When you start typing your search keyword sthe possible search results will instantly start to appear in a drop-down list. I can’t say this was an “entertaining” book, but it is a suitable followup toand, sadly, seems to reflect much of what is going on today in our own government.

1895 But that’s fiction, and there isn’t dalod any kind of parallels to real life, except maybe perhaps that it sounds like the author may have gotten a hold of the original version of “California Uber Alles ” the one about Jerry Brown, not the one about Reagen.

I’m glad I picked it up again. Recommended to B-MO by: You can click directly on one of these posters or press enter or click on ‘see more’ at the bottom of the drop-down to view all the search results.


This book does make sense without its predecessor.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Deep down, everyone seems to want freedom in this novel.

Gyorgy Dalos: 1985 samizdat

I mean, really the lives of this society is still as empty, but now they have well done pornography, telescreen’s that show sporting events, and they are granted to right to play certain card games, but not others legally by the government, I mean that doesn’t sound anything like certain things in our own society, does it? Anyone who has read “”.

Fred rated it it was amazing Feb gylrgy, Together, the IRA and working-class overthrow the thought police and seize power. We can always learn from a work like this. Replacing one government for another regardless of how benevolent it makes itself appear, ddalos squelches the light A follow-up to Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four written in the form of historical documents as told from the perspective of an oppressed historian in the future beyond the fall of big brother.

The remaining thought police government holds a contest for citizen-inspired policy reforms in response. To ask other readers questions aboutplease sign up.