The Yamaha YZF online service guide features detailed full- color photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with. Yamaha YZF REPAIR SERVICE MANUAL CD. $ Buy It Now. BONUS – Owners manual included in each. View Yamaha Owner’s Manuals Online. The Yamaha Owner’s Manual Section offers the ability to view Owner’s Manuals for many past Yamaha models. Step 1.

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The microcomputer in the CDI unit detects the engine speed and throttle position, thus determining the optimum ignition timing through the entire operating range. Whitish spark plug Clogged float valve seat The thickness a of each pad is indicated in hundreths of millimeters on the pad upper surface. If it splashes, wash it away with water.

This manual contains all the comprehensive information required to handle anything from minor repairs to major overhauls or tear downs of your Yamaha motor Turn the adjuster 1 in. First, temporarily tighten the nut exhaust pipethen tighten the bolt exhaust pipe. This is the position which is back by the spe- cific number of clicks from the fully turned-in position.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Manual is in English Only.

Yamaha YZ250F 2006-2009 Online Motorcycle Service Manual

EC4C Shift guide and shift lever assembly 1. Record the measured reading if the clear- ance is incorrect. Install the bearing parallel until the stopper ring groove appears by pressing its outer race. Oil seal Bearing 4 – Blow out all passages and jets with com- pressed air.


This page was last updated: Tighten the crankcase tightening bolts in stage, using a crisscross pattern. Janual the slide metal into the outer tube with fork seal driver 3.

When installing a circlip 1, make sure that the sharp-edged corner 2 is posi- tioned opposite to the thrust 3 it receives. Le jour mandato di seguito.

Yamaha YZF OEM Service Manual – How-To Motorcycle Repair

Use only manjal gasoline. It is illegal for this machine to be operated on any public street, road, or highway. Off-road use on public lands may also be illegal. Do not loosen the screws throttle position sensor 1 except when changing the throt- tle position sensor due to failure because it will cause a drop in engine performance. If your machine is stolen, the authorities will need the number to search for and identify your machine. Browse Related Browse Related. Clutch cable holder Right crankcase Left crankcase Oil strainer Straighten the lock washer tab.

Hold the impeller shaft on its width across the flats a with spanners, etc. Ripetere le operazioni da 2 a Page of Go. Bohrungsdurchmesser 77,00—77,01 mm 3,—3, in Max. Don’t have an account? If bleeding is difficult, owndrs may be necessary to let the brake fluid system stabilize for a few hours. Monter le cylindre avec une main, tout Den Zylinder mit einer Hand ein- Installare il cilindro con una mano com- bauen, mit der anderen Hand die Find the item you ordered.

Place an aluminum plate a between the teeth of the balancer shaft drive gear 3 and driven gear 4.


2006 Yamaha YZ250F — Owner’s Manual

We recommend to use Yamaha genuine parts for all replacements. Apply the lithium soap base grease on the O- ring. When the engine has cooled, open the radi- ator cap by the following procedure: Install the protector guide with its wider side a facing downward.

Apply the lithium soap base grease on the brake lever sliding surface, bolt and contacting After refacing the valve seat or replacing the valve and valve guide, the valve seat and valve face should be lapped. Connect the dynamic spark tester 1 igni- tion checker 2 as shown.

Timing chain tensioner 1. Apply water on the radiator cap seal. Maintenance Intervals If you are a doubt as to what intervals to follow in maintaining and lubricating your machine, consult your Yamaha dealer. Before using this machine, check the following points. Yamaha YZ F E.

Clutch boss Thrust washer Primary driven gear Push lever shaft 4 – Porre i segni di allineamento a sul Be sure to install the master link clip to the direction as shown. Remove the bearing using a general bearing puller 2. Install the cylinder with one hand while com- pressing the piston rings with the other hand. Clean the contacting surface of left and right crankcase before applying the sealant.