View and Download Buell XB Series service manual online. XB Series Motorcycle pdf manual download. See a Buell service manual for proper torque values. Aftermarket . Typical Buell V.I.N.: Ulysses Models Ignition System: XB Models. ITEM. DATA. T+ .com/

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HD over the pin, and while rotating the tool slightly, push until it bottoms in the housing. The oil pump consists of two gerotor gear be sure that all possible related malfunctions have been elim- sets, feed and return, housed in one pump body. Chain adjuster screw 1. However, before replacing a component, check that the Do not turn display over. Transmission sprocket Figure Do not use the same seal Bearings twice.

Insert IAT sensor into grommet on buell-firebolt-servlce-manual from under- sm side. The tails should be folded in on the wire core without any distortion or excess wire strands.

Heel Guard Installation Figure Install dog ring Remove and discard o-ring on the clutch cable fitting. This helps the rider establish the relative distance of Loosen mount 3 and remove from bracket 4. Ignition Coil Specifications Table Correctly install shifter return spring onto the reverse side of the shifter ifletype assembly before pla- cing shaft in left crankcase half. Finding this balance requires exploring all possible compression settings.


Install rear inner fender and tighten fasteners to in- Accessories 10 amp 9. Secondly, it will introduce to the professional To avoid unnecessary disassembly, carefully read all rel- buell-firebolt-swrvice-manual service information before repair work is started.


Lower front wheel into caliper assembly. Remove air cleaner cover. Piston pin retaining ring installer Figure Install fastener 14 attaching right front trunk pan to right side tail section and tighten buel-lfirebolt-service-manual in-lbs 1.

Measure primary chain tension through the inspection cover opening. The windshield is secured to the wind- screen using two screws 4 with well nuts 6 and two Remove windshield mounting hardware 3 securing the mounting pins 2. Place key guell-firebolt-service-manual side case locking latch sm 12on front surface of side case, in open position.

Remove fasteners 2 from left and right front fork slider protectors 1 and remove protectors. Install front sprocket cover. Shifter design allows for one common part number for both countershaft shifter forks. Turn key clockwise Pull seat back over tail section and remove. Remove two fasteners 2 and remove sidestand assembly. The shifter shaft return spring can be installed incorrectly and then assembled in the left crankcase half.


2008 Buell XB Models Service Repair Workshop Manual DOWNLOAD

Inspect at the mile km service interval and at every mile km service interval thereafter. Position both forks with same number torque lower fork clamp pinch fasteners. Jam nut and lockwasher 3. Install internal seal 4 on lip of socket housing, if removed.

Buell Firebolt Service Manual

If motorcycle is to be covered, use a material that will breathe, such as light canvas. Remove fasteners securing the top case bracket to the passenger grab handle and remove bracket from vehicle.

Remove intake cover assembly. Oil Pump Connections Figure Wire harness ground 2 [GRD 2].

Buell XB 2008 Series Service Manual

Remove left crankcase half and transmis- sion assembly 4 from engine stand. Velocity stack sm Figure Stem pinch fastener 3. Please comment on the completeness, accuracy, organization, usability, and readability of this manual.