Honda Accord Coupe EX-L V6 Your vehicle is equipped with the Maintenance Minder system. The on-board computers will calculate when service is. Honda’s Recommended Maintenance Schedule at Crown Honda of Southpoint in Durham, NC. Make sure you schedule service for your car at Crown Honda of. Download manual Honda Accord Coupe Manual Description Congratulations! Your selection of a Honda Accord was wise, one of.

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In-floor frame rails, new forhelp keep passengers safe in the event of an accident, as does an Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure that spreads the energy from a crash to a wider area and away from passengers.

Looking for repair information or to purchase this vehicle? Trusted by thousands of happy car owners I have to be honest, this was the first time that, I have EVER felt ‘at-ease’ around an auto mechanic. However, some think there are just too many buttons on the console, and others find some of the buttons too small, resulting in a cluttered look. In particular, the Coupe’s smooth ride, tight handling, good fuel economy, and comfortable interior receive special mentions from drivers.

Any and all differences must be addressed prior to time of sale. Fast and easy Honda Accordmile maintenance service at your home or office.

Driver Illuminated Vanity Mirror. Actual mileage may vary depending on driving conditions, driving habits, and vehicle maintenance. CarGurus drivers consistently tout the Accord Coupe’s tight handling and quick steering, which jives with reviewers’ statements, who note that the Coupe handles nimbly on rough roads and maintains good balance in tight curves. Terms of use Confidentiality policy.

Coverage and terms of your vehicle’s warranties, including general provisions, new vehicle limited warranty, emissions, tires and accessories warranties, replacement parts and more. I will always try to schedule him for future services, schedule permitting. Check Parking Brake System.


Owner’s Manual | Honda Accord Coupe | Honda Owners Site

Learn how to grow your business with RepairPal. Overall, drivers and reviewers like the new Accord Coupe’s cabin, ranking it a step above the interiors of competitors’ vehicles.

Is it because the handbrake is not applying any pressure to the manual portion of the brake. My passenger window and my moon roof works. Here is the summary of top rankings. The ’08 Maintenancs features a power boost all around. The entry-level hp four-cylinder, which comes standard on the LX-S, EX, and EX-L trims, offers 24 more hp than the ‘s entry-level engine, while the high-end powerplant, which has been dropped into the EX-L V6 trim, makes the leap all the way to a hp, 3.

2008 Honda Accord Coupe for sale in Killeen TX from Platinum Autoplex

In addition, controls are color-coded for easy nighttime operation. Universal Garage Door Opener. Independent multi-link rear suspension.

Paul has worked on my car several times now and honestly he is the only mechanic I truly trust to work on my car. Rear seat passengers benefit most from this additional space, as rear seat legroom lengthens by about an inch.

Wind noise remains a downside, according to some drivers. Variable Speed Intermittent Wipers. The Owner’s Manual explains the various features and functions of your Honda, offers operation tips and suggestions for vehicle care and maintenance, provides specific details on safety systems, and includes comprehensive technical specifications.

Your postal code does not seem to exist on earth. The center console, with its numerous buttons and lights, looks cluttered and confusing according to some drivers and reviewers, who also note that braking could be tighter and higher-end trims get pricey.

Honda Accord Coupe for sale in Killeen TX from Platinum Autoplex

Passenger Illuminated Visor Mirror. Get An Instant Quote Backed by month, 12,mile guarantee. These files contain detailed information about your vehicle, and can be downloaded, searched, and printed. He goes above and beyond customer service. I have a Honda Accord coupe with amiles on it and burning through oil very quickly so I’m wondering is it safe to use the new 0w – 20 motor oil to perform an oil change or should I st Center console with sliding armrest: If you are in the Las Vegas area.


See More Honda Accord Problems.

Parts commonly used during the Honda Accord V I didn’t have to drop off the car and wait for an outrageous quote from the corner mechanic. CarGurus drivers echo many of those comments. Honda Accord Coupe For Sale.

Change my town through my postal code: CarGurus drivers rave about the Coupe’s design and style, as well as its quality feel. The technology of the Maintenance Minder System allows you to enjoy your vehicle without the worry accorrd when you are due for your next servicing. Main Item A Replace engine oil. Click here to select another model.

This product contains or emits chemicals schedkle to the State of California to cause cancer birth, this vehicle is equipped with one or more devices commonly referred to as event data recorders, mainetnance record front seat belt use, front passenger seat occupancy, airbag deployment data, failure, except as legally required or with the permission vehicle owner. I recommend requesting Scott Franklin. The onboard computer also judges your driving conditions and habits, and then calculates the remaining engine oil life, displaying it as a percentage.


I was able to schedule and know the price immediately.