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Arts Auditorium at the 1 College of Southern Idaho. The price of all this is also unclear.

Ride on the right side of the road. Tourists visiting the Silver Valley find mining lingo so inter- esting that the mining museum sells a brochure of common terms.


Your kind of day. The camp features either a boarding or commuter option, and will focus on fundamentals of the game with individual and team play also stressed.

Currently you arc involved in domestic dilem- ma. In one cjrent, a pound dummy is etf on top of a pole and linemen must safely return the dummy to the ground. Cardinals 4, Royals 2 ST.


Full text of “The Times News (Idaho Newspaper) “

A jail sen- tence? Make fresh start in new direc- tion. Instead of having one of seven cutting prices, it might be down to one of three, Perkins said. Darwin Cubillnn picked up his first major league win despite allowing three runs in 2 innings. Scorpio is in picture. 2bb was no claim of responsi- bility for the bombing.

Under 2bsie of the deal, expect- ed to dose in the second half of the year. Hood eventually pleaded guilty to two counts of firsHlegroc mur- der in the deaths of Hunter and his grandmother, Mae Hood, and was sentenced to two life terms in prison.

The four full-time ami ttvo part-time staff members are dedicated 2bbsize connect- ing Idahoans with more than 3. They wore discovered last month by George Cunningham, from Algona, Iowa.

During the summer it is only practice.

TBox Micra Service Manual w bookmarks pdf

Utah, and Janico C. 2bsuze Dobbs But Mohammed d-Saghir, head of the Pharaonic and Greco- Roman sector of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, who did not accompany the team but saw photos earlier, says he is certain the find is of value.

Mazur came up with the idea of the letter last week. Flkry shows Egyptian officials tho cave paintings Wednesday near Cairo. So many, in fact, that even a pilot from Iowa, out on a desert outing, can make a notable discovery: Day Leo R Day.


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This attitude is shortsighted. John the Evangelist Cathedral at N. Torkelson, 27, of Summerset, Wis. Government policies need to achieve a certain level of fair- ness, popular acceptance and bal- ance among legitimate, if incon- sistent, public desires.

The elder Mildon had been diagnosed with heart trou. The life you save dlc printing this may be ray Jown -or thousands of others! But Bill Walker, the ;nt spokesperson in the Koisc central office, said that since then, total participation in tee subsidy program has exceed- ed 9, while the budget has nearly doubled to million, j: Gray Davis on nuclear and other radioactive waste is weighing the possibility of a dump in California.

Bush have no coverage, and many who do are subject to caps on the amount their insurance plans will pay and must make expensive co- payments that bite deeply into fixed incomes. Old Time Demonstrations Farming with horses: