Write array to ByteArray: ByteArray «Development «Flash / Flex / ActionScript. is it possible to write past the null byte into the ByteArray()?. Of course it is. ByteArray — is a chunk of raw data. You can write whatever you like there, and you. As the name suggests, a byte array allows you to work with binary data by storing it Most of the uses of byte arrays in ActionScript are fairly specialized, but an.

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Position This reveals another significant difference between the way ByteArrays and standard arrays work: It also can be read and written to as an in-memory file, using methods similar to those in the URLStream and Socket classes. Returns Number — A single-precision bit floating-point number. It will have all of the same properties and values of the original Person instance.

ByteArray provides low-level binary access to data in ActionScript 3. Reads an unsigned byte from the byte stream.

The number of bytes actionscgipt data available for reading from the current position in the byte array to the end of the array. Reads an IEEE single-precision bit floating-point number from the byte stream. There are two additional types of objects provided by ActionScript 3 that will allow you to do more aggressive type checking and very low-level data manipulation.

The value is a constant from the ObjectEncoding class. Changes or reads the byte order for the data; either Endian. ByteArray methods Any meaningful data stream is organized into a format that you can analyze to find the information that you want.

The method returns the new length of the vector after the new item actionscrpt have been added.


Boolean Indicates whether the specified property exists and is enumerable. The image above shows where each of those values is stored along with the binary bits stored in each byte that make up the stored value. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Writes a multibyte string to actioncript byte stream using the specified character set. The byte array must have been compressed using the same actionxcript. Denotes the default object encoding for the ByteArray class to use for a new ByteArray instance. The length and bytesAvailable properties tell you how long a ByteArray is and how many bytes remain in it from the current position to the end.

If the length is set to a value that is larger than the current length, the right side of the byte array is filled with zeros.

Write array to ByteArray : ByteArray « Development « Flash / Flex / ActionScript

Returns int — A bit signed integer between and If this property is falsewhen the bytfarray array is passed to a worker the runtime creates a complete copy of the byte array, including allocating a new actinscript of memory in which to store the duplicate byte array’s contents Shareable: The low 16 bits of the parameter are used.

Object A reference to the class object bytfarray constructor function for a given object instance. EOFError — There is not sufficient data available to read. It is somewhere in the middle of the number 10—specifically it is a series of eight 0s. The low 8 bits of the parameter are used. If the data in the array begins with a Unicode byte order mark, the application will honor that mark when converting to a string. Reads a UTF-8 string from the byte stream.


ray (Flex 3)

Boolean — Returns true if the byte is nonzero, false otherwise. Writes a byte to the byte stream. String — The string value to be written. This is what happens when you simply do trace byteArray. This vytearray is only recognized for content running in Adobe AIR.

Boolean Specifies whether the underlying memory of the byte array is shareable. The supported algorithms include the following:.

ByteArray – AS3

String Changes or reads the byte order for the data; either Byteartay. What you see when you send your bytes to standard output with tracedepends solely on what you actually do with your data to convert it to a string. The low 8 bits are written to the byte stream. Examine each line of the code below and the impact it has on the ByteArray:.

The deflate compression algorithm is described at http: Compresses the byte array using the deflate compression algorithm. It does the following: Write the byte-equivalent value of the Boolean false and then check the length and read it back. The zlib compressed data format is described at http: In order to decode data compressed in a byteaeray that uses the deflate compression algorithm, such as data in gzip or zip format, it will not work to call uncompress CompressionAlgorithm.

On the other machine, the application will use the system’s default code page.