Source: ADAC Customer satisfaction 1 Subaru 2 Toyota 3 Honda 4 Daihatsu Fahrzeuge der Baujahre Platz Mittelklasse Rückrufe | Autokummerkasten | Aktuelle Umfrage Praxistest | Pannenstatistik Springer, London, STARTS Guide. The STARTS Pannenstatistik ADAC e.V., München, Aggarwal, K. Reliability engineering. Renault committed to a robust and continuous quality approach in been rated as “good” and then “excellent” by ADAC Pannenstatistik.

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I purchased a car via AutoTrader but since buying the car after two weeks the clutch has gone.


I have to say, the outcome of that survey is very, very strange. My Wahrig defines Panne as “Schaden; Betriebsstoerung bes.

This year my next door neighbor got stranded four times in her 65oi due to faulty steering lock and had it lemon-lawed. Martin, here is my comment from your post two years ago: Having past ties to the Czech Republic, I hope that current Skodas are reliable. Related posts All adad Older cars Cheap cars? So for anyone to use those tables to say for example a rubbish car is more reliable than a rubbish car is just plain wrong.

I went to buy a car yesterday, the seller said he bought it new and was the only owner. Most popular reviews of We’ve looked back over the past 12 months to find out which cars have proved to be the most popular on HonestJohn. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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My parents had mobility guarantees on their french car Citroen C2 since at least Point is though that you compare cars with other cars, and 20003 with other s etc etc. Commercial use, including advertising, marketing and merchandising, is strictly prohibited. Most bulletproof Nissans – old Almera and Primera as well as Toyota Corolla are topped by reliability of Citroen Saxo and they apparently break at least twice more often than Ford Pannemstatistik.


W and W tops the lists of its class every year, until und the arrival of the W An interesting example of a crossover between the two languages which have pannenstatistikk roots. As the owner of a Renault-contaminated Nissan, I can assure all concerned that once I get my car back – again – from the dealer, my hard earned will not be spent with them.

Classic Car Insurance Comparison Site. Not that many Alfas. Latest News Headlines Top For the record, this time my car decided to pay its own small scale tribute to the Buncefield depot and awaits a replacement engine for its efforts 2 years, 36k miles Reply Report as offensive Link.

Roughing It in Tucson? Yeah, trade it in for a malaisemobile with a quadrajet and a hp V8. Pannenstqtistik deposit pcp plan.

The pressure from South Korea ie: Is it generated by measuring faults in the first year after registration of the car.? You Dirty, Dirty Panther You! Is there anything I can do, or ask the previous owner to assist? The Germans are very thorough. I’d still have a Mercedes over a Citroen though.

All trademarks are the ownership of Groupe Renault. And ‘en panne’ is French for broken down.

French-style quality by Renault –

Compare two cars to find the lowest fuel cost. Symptomatic of the Rise and Fall of Daimler-Benz? Latest Editorials view all Piston Slap: Would a payment to a third party for minor damage caused in a car park need to be reported to my insurer? Michael Karesh, any thoughts?


So here are the reviews that got the most views in Cos everyone knows them fancy Used Car Pricing Search on. On a different angle more people are employed directly and indirectly in the motor industry in england er nosorry in Germany than any other. What this is saying is that Lagunas should be avoided like the plague and indeed they’re much worse than the cars, which are much better despite being a year olderwhereas something like the Mazda 6 remains impressively reliable long-term.

Mazda6 looks very good. A lady at work cannot wait for her i lease to end so she can get rid of her electrical gremlins. My car was written off but the cost of repair is far less than the value – is this right? Is your car your pride and joy, or are you ready for a change? Value my carmiles buy or sell? Back to Top Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. What exactly is an economy brand for you?

The Laguna looks a bit scary! Who would have guessed? What is the Fuel Calculator? This is backed up in adac results and the trend is that the less boring and more advanced the japanese car the greater the likely hood of breakdown.