Hi MSP, need a robust backup software for backing up your clients’ VMware, Hyper-V, Office mail, Exchange, SQL etc. to your datacenter storage or public . Find out what users are saying about Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite. Read user Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite reviews, pricing information and what features it offers . Find out what users are saying about AhsayCBS. Read user AhsayCBS reviews, pricing information and what features it offers.

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A quick search finds many others experiencing very serious issues with this software as well: Storage as low as USD 0. We hope our partners can continually grow their business with these new features and oricing win with our partners.

However, this offers no resilience. Even keep files backed up in near real-time with the synchronization features. Our software experts will contact you in 48 working hours. I am not going to talk about the restrictions on the product and the extra costs involved in qhsay licenses, I am going to talk about the lack of support ahzay the lack of documentation While the product has had its reliability issues on some versions, I have really been struggling to stay with Ahsay as a partner.

Acronis Acronis International GmbH.

Ahsay Meter Pricing Calculator

There is no storage associated with this hosted service. It creates a burden on the upgrade.

So you can either provision your own storage or we can arrange to provision additional storage on the public cloud platform for you. You might want to refer to the example towards the end of the page on the calculation. In order to provide an end-to-end pay-as-you go offering, we only support the meter model for BIaaS.

It compares to industry standards, but for some reason ppricing software developers feel there is more money in the retail lricing of operations that is really there. Thank you for the enquiry. If your customer is satisfied with features in V6 and does not want to upgrade, you do not need to provision AhsayCBS in the Pool Key and the Key will remain the current v6.


Both new and existing users can sign in with LinkedIn. Existing Partner, login to Partner Portal. There are three new license types in Version 7: We are updating soon Q.

Ahsay Meter Pricing Calculator

We are very happy with the functionality. The market now has much better products to choose from ahssay to technology changes that have happened in the past years while Ahsay has not kept current.

True silent installation Ease of deployment that eliminates expense of provisioning and maintenance Anytime, anywhere backup management. This also means a continually growing cost as your customer grows the size of data to backup. And now with version 7. To discuss the issue from another angle, vendors provide ahsaay with unlimited licenses effectively limit the servers you can backup as the appliance is not scalable.

In parallel, we will perform live migration of the image back to the original location. Please send us through the particular configuration at https: From “Dexter” on Jan 26, – ” We have major enhancements for the sending end of replication in v7 speed of replication, multi-thread to name a fewand so there is a new license type called AhsayCBS Replication in v7 that is a paid license.

I am disappointed in this change of software from something that was amazing to something that is buggy, undocumented for troubleshooting and basically unreliable for backing up data.

Rebrandable Cloud, Online, Managed Backup Software for MSPs – Ahsay Backup

Ahsay Backup prkcing the following payment methods: This is not that. Better have a great “developer” understanding of their product, since you will need it. Unfortunately, Ahsay is charging just shy of double the agreed upon rate.

Platforms Web App Windows Macintosh. Very reliable backup solution.


We have helped business find the right Software. Details of BIaaS can be found here. Sales team – lots of turn over there. I would definitely like you to be aware before making the jump. With the misleading of product upgrades for it’s partners and the only way is to pay more for product licensing, I will shortly be looking for a replacement for Ahsay as many other partners have done in the past year due to Ahsay management philosophy change. If we were to adopt an unlimited license model, our revenue will suffer that in turn will suffocate our development works.

Ahsay Backup has deployment type: User need to get access to data in the databases instead of an image of the database upon restore. For example, v7 is now officially released, so we will continue to support v6. What is the implication on my upgrade to v6 to v7? Get Quote for Aarogya We have helped business to find the right Software. Their customer services is very poor and have bad documentation. We always welcome healthy competition and it is also important that we understand the configuration of your client so we can both price our product and develop our features that meet your requirement.

Another customer posted regarding Ahsay support’s lack of responsiveness: Get personalised recommendations Rate softwares Write reviews. I have been an Ahsay partner for the last 11 years and have seen many improvements with the product. Since you had never owned and paid for these new license types, they are not included as part of v6 maintenance. Once you are signed in you’ll be able to: My client has a very peculiar configuration and your pricing is still not competitive for me.