Alexander Dolgun’s Story has ratings and 35 reviews. Matt said: I read this book long ago yet just ran into it again and thought to list it here. The. Alexander Dolgun was a U.S. citizen working as a junior employee of the American Embassy in Moscow when he was arrested in and charged with being. In he wrote a book, ”Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag,” detailing his arrest by Stalin’s security police in and.

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Alexander spent most of his life in the Soviet Union after his father began work there and was unable to leave. A kind of Morse code had been developed of the letters of the Russian alphabet.

Alexander Dolgun, from embassy employee, to prisoner, then falsely convicted of being a terrorist against Russia and sentenced to hard labor.

Jul 21, Tom rated it really liked it. He was interned in the infamous Lubyanka and Lefortovo prisons in Moscow. The cell reverberated with chatter. They looked at us as if we were exhibits in a zoo. A sobering read that forces sobering thoughts on how in Russia these days, such things seem to alexanedr happening yet again.

At that point, without some supplementary food, a prisoner would simply starve to death.

We were issued gloves and padded jackets and trousers, but they were badly worn and not much protection as the temperature began to drop. Feb 02, Thom Sutton rated it it was ok. I found his resilience and c I found this book fascinating and educational. I read this book about 30 years ago and have thought of it often.

Cold numbed fingers could not hold onto handles and levers and timbers and crates, and there were many accidents, often fatal.


The final section is especially a slog, detailing his years of post-gulag life in Moscow struggling with the Russian bureaucracy to receive a permit to leave the country. Dolgun, an American citizen, was arrested as a spy and sent to the Lubayanka and from there to the gulags. If you dropped below your norm, you got a lower ration. I read this as part of a grad thesis I wrote regarding how political prisoners in the then-USSR coped with their arrest, sentencing, transport, If you’re American and if you ever wanted to know or truly understand just what it’s like to be tossed into the Soviet gulag, this is it.

Solzhenitsyn included some of Dolgun’s experiences in his work The Gulag Archipelago. Absolutely the greatest One of the greatest stories of personnal triumph I have ever read. Embassy for the period of service from to and complained that he was paid “peanuts” for his time and should have, at the least, received interest on his salary.

Dolgun died on 28 Augustat the age of 59 in Potomac, Maryland of kidney failure. We all grow up learning about the horrors of the Holocaust, but we never learn about the crimes and horrors exacted on the people of the Soviet Union during Stalin’s reign and after. Gulag is Gulag, then or now, with a few little differences.

alexander dolgun Archives * Mikael Strandberg

At any rate, some details of that book I’ve alexwnder forgotten; especially those details pertaining to survival. Hardcoverpages. Even sadder, how he finally reunited with his elderly mother, only to discover the Soviet secret police had tortured her they colgun pulled out all her finger nails to keep her from continually searching for her son. He was taken to Lubyanka prison where a guard told him to take off his clothes.

Oct 29, Matt Jasper rated it it was amazing. My first impression was of bedlam. I found his resilience and creativity to be admirable, inspiring and encouraging.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It was one of those books that I couldn’t put down. This memoir is horrifying for just those reasons.

Jan 15, Michael Brown rated it it was amazing. Dolgun married Irene in and they had a son, Andrew, in alexanedr Dolgun comes across as an archetypal American tough-guy, sly and crafty like a noir hero. Trivia About Alexander Dolgun’ One of the great harrowing memoirs to come from the charnel-house of a totalitarian regime.

The food was scarce unless you were ingenious, and even then it lacked vitamins. It was amazing how this American stayed alive with all he was given. I highly recommend this book. After his release from prison inDolgun returned to Moscow. A favorite was 13 Rue Madeleine, a story of commandos and the Gestapo and parachuting into occupied France.

I had to read it from start to end; spent a full Sunday just reading it. He and a couple of Baltic prisoners scavenged the beans and gleefully enjoyed that taste of heaven called fresh coffee.

I alexqnder this book dolyun I feel my life is tough.

Alexander Dolgun

Open Preview See a Problem? If you’re American and if you ever wanted to know or truly understand just what it’s like to be tossed into the Soviet gulag, this is it. Heartbreaking and enraging, with a plot worthy of an epic movie.

Alexander’s will to live aexander inspiring.