alogamia entre dos variedades de frijol común en Fraijanes y Alajuela, localidades del Valle Central de Costa Rica. La parcela experimental consistió en tres. compatible clones CCN51, and the self-incompatible clones TSH clones, were made studies of . autogamia facultativa (39,,9); alogamia facultativa. Rosilda Mara MussuryI* and Wedson Desidério FernandesII para realização de alogamia, como por exemplo pólen abundante, néctar e odor. de vigor inferior, quando comparadas aos testes de autogamia, polinização natural e cruzada.

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There were larger amounts of starch in buttons below 1. The crossed pollination was evaluated in 20 floral buttons, emasculated before the dehiscence of the anthers. The evolution of inbreeding in plants. This cutting was made in the place of nectar elimination and it enlarged progressively, resulting approximately in an circular opening, with a variable size. In field collections, during the period of 9: When the insects visited the flowers in search of nectar, the pollen grains were stuck to their bodies, mainly in the ventral part and they were taken to the stigma of other flowers.

This was also observed by Almeida and Vidal et al. With the objective of understanding the mechanism of canola reproduction, in order to obtain subsidies for its handling and appliance, its floral biology and reproductive system were studied.

The authors affirmed that the great amount of chemical energy spent in the production of the scent was evidenced by the disappearance of starch during the odoriferous phase of the anthesis. The smaller anther were responsible for the production of fruit with smaller and less growth seeds, when compared to the autogamy, autopollination and cross pollination tests. For the verification of lipid substances in the exina of the pollen grains and the presence of starch, the reagent Sudan III and Lugol were used, respectively Johansen, The mean weight of the seeds was obtained accurately through the evaluation of five lots of ten seeds in analytic scale of 0.


The intra-floral nectaries produced nectar in great amount during the whole pre-anthesis phase.

N’otres pallabres, la autogamia nestes especies coesiste cola alogamia nun equilibriu adaptativu. The development of the fruit was daily accompanied. A nivel molecular esisten tres sistemes afechiscamente caracterizaos: Los mofos pueden ser dioicos o monoicos.

Blackwell, Introductory Mycology, augogamia ed. Crossed pollination The crossed pollination was evaluated in 20 floral buttons, emasculated before the dehiscence of the anthers. N’otres pallabres, la hercogamia ye un mecanismu que promueve el cruzamientu ente distintes plantes y, poro, la alogamia nes angiospermas.

Meaning of “autogamia” in the Portuguese dictionary

This happened probably, due to the manipulation accomplished in the floral button and in the stigma, during the emasculation and the pollen deposit. Through the accomplished studies, it was observed that, although neither the fruits obtained by the crossed pollination have been larger, nor presented larger number of seeds, the presence of the polinator was important to obtain fruits with seeds weighting larger.

Services on Demand Journal. Probably, the scent developed an important role when provoking instinctive reactions, especially in insects.

Plant seeds size The plant seeds were measured in total length from hypocotyl to radiclewhich obtained the length average of 10 plants three repetitions for each test. In the third post-anthesis phase, the secretion of the nectaries was quite reduced, and the anthers, petals and sepals wither dropping soon after, with the remaining of the stigma that accompanies the fruit until the next ripening.

Inthe studies of floral biology were accomplished in the period from July to October in stonemasons measuring 1. N’otros proyeutos Wikimedia Commons.

Apomixis in higher plants. Biology of the anthesis phase In the second phase, the flower reached the mean size with 1. When the flower became 1. Revista Brasileira de Sementes, 9 3: These differences are added in order to increase the development of important evolutionary characteristics for the species, as size of the fruit, number of seeds, and others.


The flowers of B. Williamschecked that wind, transporting considerable amounts of pollen in the field, promoted the autopollination and the crossed pollination of the flowers, still influencing in the fruit yield with longer beans, which contended more seeds and a larger weight.

Fruit size and number of seeds All the fruits obtained through each test had their fruits measured in length and their seeds were counted and separated. The floral buttons with 0. Los esporangios pueden tar esvalixaos o arrexuntaos en soros.

TALLER #8 by Jesús Riascos on Prezi

William Collins Sons e Co. The pollen put down the stigma with high concentration of starch, which represented a primary source of energy for the polinators.

According to Alberts et al. Apidaethat tear the floral button in search of food.

Inferences from floral ecology and molecular genetic variation. Self-Incompatibility in Flowering Plants. Chrysomelidaeand Trigona sp. November 23, ; Revised: How to cite this article. However, the seeds presented larger mean weight and also presented the plant seeds height, for the tests of crossed pollination and xenogamy.

This fact was confirmed through the sacking of the floral button and posterior transformation in fruit. Seasonal and population differences in a grass. La androesterilidad puede manifestase como albuertu del polen, que les anteres nun abrir pa lliberar los granos de polen que se topen nel aufogamia interior, l’albuertu de les anteres, que les anteres tresformar en pistilos anteres pistiloidesente otros munchos casos.