The Immortals Series 6 Books Collection Set Alyson Noel Everlasting, Night Star [ Alyson Noel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Titles in. Everlasting. 10/18/ 0 Comments · Picture. Everlasting Alyson Noel . Jude and Ava start reading Roman’s journals to find the other immortals. Romy and. Everlasting. The Immortals (Volume 6) Alyson Noël St. Martin’s Press. The sixth and final book in Alyson Noel’s #1 New York Times bestselling Immortals series.

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I think this was more boring than Night Star! My thoughts of Immorfals. They stay up late talking and Ever stays in her old room. But Ever only lets Jude think he has a chance with her when she never loved him as anything more than a friend. They go to the dark place of Summerland filled with swamps and creeping things that even the animals avoid.

Was it worth it?

As I read a book, I take notes after each chapter. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. About the Blogger My name is Michelle, and I like to read I must be honest: Finding their sex-a-lot potion.

Everlasting Book Summary and Study Guide

Adelina realizes in her death that everything is eternal and goes through the veil to the other side. This helps him regain his strength but mean’s that if they ever touched, Ever’s DNA would kill Damen.

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But after a few days, Ever becomes incredibly curious of the darker, much gloomier side of summerland, a place where magic does not exist. The villains suddenly turned good and and they’re happy as kids! This long awaited installment is incredible.

There are much better books out there for people that just want a light read. And finally, they book a hotel room and.

After killing Haven, Ever’s “used to be” best friend, things start to get crazy as Ever and Damen decide where to spend their holiday.

The twins give her an obouros amulet and Ava give her a stone with psychic healing powers and links to past lives. Heath lays out the tragic love line of their friends and offers Adelina a way out by marrying him instead of Alrik.

Feb 21, Shukri rated it really liked it. It appears that literally nothing happened, and what did happen was told to me over and over again.


She goes with him to a hunting lodge. She and Damen decide to become everlastung and be together for the rest of their natural lives. But their fight to be together will lead them into the most formidable terrain yet…into thd dark heart of Summerland. Caitlin Audet This is the last of a 6 book series. She convinces him that the Tree really exists, which Damen believes, but he still won’t eat the fruit.


This was basically pages and pages of nothing. In the end he almost kills Haven a character which I didn’t like anyway but surprise, surprise give’s Ever the option to save her and turn her into an immortal. Everlasting is a fast paced, action packed beautiful ending and conclusion noeo the immortals series. At the party, everyone seems to be dressed as someone famous.

Everlasting | The Immortals Series Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The concept of being immortal, spending centuries fighting for love is perfect for the romantic at heart which we all know I am. It is a very quick read, with all the interesting twist and niel.

The 3rd was terrible, and I couldn’t even get past the first 40 pages of the 4th one. Maybe have a family? Is that even a plot?!