Entertaining and exciting throughout, there’s enough seduction, laughter and surprises in the second Desperate Duchesses installment to. Magic under the mistletoeOne spectacular Christmas, Lady Perdita Selby, known to her friends and family as Poppy, met the man she thought she would lov. I adore Eloisa James’s characters, and I love her dialogue. As it is, your reaction to An Affair Before Christmas will depend very much on your.

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Both partners are thoroughly unhappy, and they have not shared a bed in months. I liked this plotline a lot — in fact, I got upset whenever the point-of-view changed, because I wanted to read all plotlines simultaneously.

First I thought the heroine was an idiot.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. She thinks only of her own pleasure and what she might do to eloissa the ton and her husband.

An Affair Before Christmas

It was foolish to worry. They’re just upset at each other and general The Desperate Duchesses series is one that needs to be looked at for what it is – and it’s exactly what it is named – desperate duchesses, all with different problems, and how things work out for them.

Poppy has been abused by her mother all of her life and the hair dressing problem is symbolic – Poppy’s hair is tortured and constrained to fit a certain image created and demanded by her mother – this hairstyle and the dresser who maintains it were hired by Poppy’s mother to reassert her control and Poppy’s abandonment of the elaborate hairstyle and the expensive dresser are symbolic of Poppy’s maturation and ability to free herself from the abuse and the abuser. He expects me to do – weird things!

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I realize this is part of a series but there was hardly any of the main couple in the book. I liked Charlotte a lot, after feeling like she was being set up to be a cliche rival in the first book.

In fact, the world was all sunshine and light, if she could just work out this kissing business. Poppy had NO clue! The other day I bought a delicious pink suit to tape a television segment on romance; I’ll never wear that suit to teach in, nor even to give a paper at the Shakespeare Association of America conference.

Read An Affair Before Christmas online free by Eloisa James | Novelscom

Yes, there’s guilt, and yes, there’s regret, but there’s also that overwhelming sense of rightness, of freedom. Every gargoyle sported a long silver nose.

Fletch alludes to that being when he hired the “boy”; so In fact, philosophers have argued for years whether it is possible to be in Paris and not fall in love…if not with a ravishing woman, then with the bells, with the bagettes, with the gleam of the illicit that touches every heart, even those of proper English noblemen.

The heroine of this novel annoyed me. Desperate Duchesses eliisa books. The end is very sweet and satisfying jamex very romantic. Proper ladies don’t bother their husbands jams their own interests and feelings. What are y The beginning of this was bad, but it did grow on me as it went on! The other plot points were, ultimately, not great and distracted from the main romance.


Discovering her own person is nice and all – but her husband still loves her, and is so pretty. I appreciate the humor in the book, as well as the female relationships and the way James develops her characters. I’d rather have those pages dedicated to the main couple and a deeper exploration of their relationship. I had so many problems with this book. Fletch is not only perfectly miserable, but incredibly horny – he’s still very much in love with Poppy, but the fact that she doesn’t enjoy his amorous attentions hurts him very deeply.

Please affiar by and join the conversation on my readers’ pages. Although I actually liked the secondary characters Gemma, Christmass, and V.

Magic under the mistletoe She does seem to mention a memory or two that pleasure might have begun to break through. She goes and has some adventures What I can say is that this series gets better further down the line and no one will have to put up with heroines that are quite as annoying and ekoisa as Perdita.

I was completely engrossed in Fletcher’s determination to win back the woman he loved. Book E xtras Jump to: