Explanation and analysis of Anna Akhmatova’s poem cycle “Requiem,” including overviews of the major groupings, trends, and overall themes. To avoid persecution by Stalin, Anna Akhmatova burnt her writings and memorised the words of her poem Requiem. By doing so she ensured. Anna Akhmatova. Requiem. No foreign sky protected me, no stranger’s wing shielded my face. I stand as witness to the common lot, survivor of that time, that.

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Stalin was dead, but the system of censorship he had created was still in place. I have a lot of work to do today; I need to slaughter memory, Turn my living soul to stone Then teach myself to live again. This is used to display charts and graphs on articles anha the author center. Confusion occupies the world, and I am powerless to tell somebody brute from something human, or on what day the word spells, “Kill!

Understanding the Poem Cycle “Requiem” by Anna Akhmatova

On that occasion there was a woman gequiem behind me, her lips blue with cold, who, of course, had never in her life heard my name. That taste of opiate wine!

Akhmatova had composed her poem on paper, not orally, and Requiem had none of the structures of oral literature, such as exchangeable building blocks, repeated phrases, and improvisation. Now she started out of the torpor common to us all and asked me in a whisper everyone whispered there: The Pole star blazes.

One day, somehow, someone ‘picked me out’. If someone someday in this country Decides to raise a memorial to me, I give my consent to this festivity But only on this condition – do not build it By the sea where I was born, I have severed my last ties with the sea; Nor in the Tsar’s Park by the hallowed stump Where an inconsolable shadow looks for me; Build it here where I stood for three hundred hours And no-one slid open the bolt. I could never have borne it. Her poems seek to bear witness to the oppressive silence during that time.


Wikiquote has quotations related to: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Anna Akhmatova. What miracle do you see in a Siberian blizzard? Even in new grief. In “VIII,” it appears that she feels unable to kill memory and go on, and simply waits and wishes for death.

So, I have woven you this wide shroud out of the humble words I overheard you use. Listen, even in blissful death I fear That I will forget the Black Marias, Forget how hatefully the door slammed and an old woman Howled like a wounded beast.

See there the prison poplar bending! The work in Russian finally appeared in book form in Munich inthe whole work not published within the USSR until As the son is taken away, she walks behind as if it is a funeral procession. The tongue of my ravings in my ear is the tongue of a stranger.

ComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. The main body of the poem described a very individual experience, yet here we are reminded of the others outside the jail.

But hope still sings forever in the distance. Poison me, if you want, with a typhoid exhalation, Or, with a simple tale prepared by you And known by all to the point of nauseatake me Before the commander of the blue caps and let me glimpse The house administrator’s terrified white face.

Requiem Poem by Anna Akhmatova – Poem Hunter

Everything that has happened, Cover it with a black cloth, Then let the torches be removed. Poems for Human Rights. Children were crying in the darkened house. Most annz either executed or exiled. When she made changes to her poem, she asked her friends to remember them, insisting that the final draft of the poem be the one they would remember from now on. A good attempt to look into this sequence of dark and image laden poetry.


Akhmatova knew that the secret police might search her apartment and find her writings, so she burnt the paper on which composed drafts of the poem, after learning it by heart.

Understanding the Poem Cycle “Requiem” by Anna Akhmatova | Owlcation

For 17 months, she waited outside the prison in Leningrad just waiting for a glimpse or notification of what was going to happen to her son. By remembering what happened and not allowing yourself to ever forget is a part of the stage of suffering that allows you to move on in life.

By Martin Anns 15 May Akhmatova wants her readers to recognize that they had to overcome this together, not by being saved by a figment of the imagination. The introduction also known as the prose paragraph is located at the beginning of the cycle. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized.

No other looked into her zkhmatova eyes. Prayer again has a role, and is more than simply a plea for prayer but the sentiment that the narrator will pray for both herself and others. I followed you As one does when a corpse is being removed. I’ve learned to recognise The fading smiles upon submissive lips, The trembling fear inside a hollow laugh.

The set of poems was conspicuously absent from her collected works, given its explicit condemnation of the purges. I know how dark or ash-blond strands of hair Can suddenly turn white.

Requiem was published only in the s, when Akhmatova was officially rehabilitated by Mikhail Gorbachev, one year before the Soviet Union ceased to exist.