CLASSES (OBC) APPLYING FOR APPOINTMENT TO POSTS UNDER (b) The authorities competent to issue Caste Certificate are indicated below: (i) the prescribed format prescribed for Central Government jobs issued by the competent. FORMAT OF CERTIFICATE TO BE PRODUCED BY OTHER BACKWARD as backward class under___________________: (indicate the Sub Caste). 1. PROFORMA FOR OTHER BACKWARD CLASS (OBC) CERTIFICATE (b) The authorities competent to issue Caste Certificates are indicated below: (i) District.

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However, this certificate holder is not entitled to benefits of reservation granted by the Govt. Profprma case of such persons who are born after the date of notification of the relevant Order, the place of residence for obtaining OBC status is the permanent abode of their parents at the time of the notification.

The certificate issuing authority needs to keep in mind that the caste certificate is either issued or denied on the basis of Sec 7 of the West Bengal Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Identification Act, which applies mutatis mutandis in case of issuance of OBC certificate.

Small backyard gardens do not need to be This is more so in view of a number of classes being added to the list of OBCs. Inauguration of CSF, Sukinda on Verification of genealogical chart: Recruitment Notification for the Post of Director Commercial. In case of subsequent determination of resorting to falsehood in procuring the caste certificate the applicant may also be charged with perjury as is provided for in the law of the land.

The State Scrutiny Committee verifies the social status of a person in whose favour a certificate has been issued. Normally a person with authentic documents can be accepted as a permanent resident of West Bengal if no contrary evidence is available. In the seed production, emphasis is given for production of oil seeds, pulses and hybrids including vegetables. So no age proof for this purpose is necessary. Employees Regularization of Temporary Contractual Employees.

Click here to read more In that case, acceptance of the application shall strictly be subjected to pfoforma of such enquiry.

NSC was established in March to undertake production of foundation and certified seeds. All hearings must be arranged fixing date, time, place of hearing and persons to be heard beforehand. Citizenship of an applicant may be ascertained from any of the following documents:. Proper accent, in these instances should be given to the local enquiry and hearing of the applicant.


In such enquiry, evidences from local persons are to be recorded and depositions from local persons may be taken. The applicant will casste to upload his current passport size photograph at annexurr time of filing the application. In Kolkata such certificate is issued by such an officer as the State Government by modification authorizes. One document like EPIC can be a proof of a number of items like identity, address, citizenship etc.

There are about 8 Farms and registered seed growers all over the country who are undertaking the seed production programmes in different agro-climatic conditions.

Updated Guidelines for Issuance of OBC Certificates

Validity and veracity of any of these documents can only be questioned only when there is valid reason to believe that such document might have been procured through misrepresentation of facts. A genealogical chart is normally submitted when an applicant submits copy of a caste certificate in support of his claim. If either the income of the parents from the salaries or the income of the parents from other sources [other than salaries and agricultural land] exceeds the limit of Rs.

Procedure for disposal of application when no documentary cwste is available — It is apparent that most of the applicants for OBC certificates are unable to produce such certificate of paternal blood relation as a proof of class identity.

Unless there is any contrary evidence received during field enquiry and hearing, normally the affidavit shall be acceptable for ascertaining his class status and eligibility. Application for issuance of Caste Certificate can be filed online in the website address at www.

There is no age restriction for being eligible to apply for caste certiricate. The turnover of the Corporation for the F. District Magistrate of the concerned district is the Appellate Authority in respect of certificates issued by a Sub-Divisional Officer of that district.

January, Rates of Dearness Allowance and I.

Updated Guidelines for Issuance of OBC Certificates | WBXPress

After filing the application, the applicant will have to download a copy of the filled in application along with the acknowledgement and then submit the filled in application duly signed along with the documents, if any, in support of his claim on the 2nd and anneuxre Wednesdays of a month within 60 days from the date of filing of his online application.


The chart is to prove blood relationship of the applicant with the certificate holder. Caste certificate to such a person can be issued in a different format also appended to these guidelines. It is advised that such cases may be referred to the administrative department with all the relevant papers, detailed case records and enquiry report for advice.

The enquiring officer is to get the blood relation verified through documentary evidence, certificate or through local enquiry profoorma recommending for acceptance. Criteria prescribed for determining creamy layer status of sons and daughters of persons in Government service mutatis mutandis applies to the sons and daughters of persons holding equivalent or comparable posts in PSUs, Banks, Insurance Organisations, Universities, Educational Institutions and also holding equivalent or comparable posts in private employment.

Circular regarding ‘Insertion of sub-clause 9. But the sons and daughters of parents, whose income from salaries is less than Rs. Where such comparison is not possible. He will put his recommendation therein. Obviously the recommendation needs to be clear, specific and speaking. Profroma such coses, certificates from the Prodhan of the local Gram Panchayat, Chairman of the local Municipality cfrtificate the local Councilor of the Municipal Corporation along the findings of the enquiry shall be considered to be sufficient.

An alternative approach can be issuance of OBC certificates in camp mode, wherever it is applicable, as the camp itself draws independent crowd. The chart may be certified by some authority, may be proven through some document or at times may be without any proof.

NSC is the nodal agency for the implementation of the Central Sector Scheme to create infrastructure facilities for establishment of processing plants and storage godowns in different states in the private sectors. First, status of the parents not of the applicant is to be ascertained.

Formats have been designed and appended to these guidelines. It may be noted that income from agricultural land is not taken into account while applying the Test.