AR 608-10 PDF

AR – Child Development Services. This mandated revision, dated 11 May — o Updates administering medication and performing caregiving health. Purpose This regulation prescribes policy and procedures for establishing and operating Army Child Development Services (CDS). The format of this regulation . Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering

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The reductions are given on the less expensive form of care. The team will include parent 680-10 and solicit the views of parents. These inspections will consist of the following:. Meals should be served in a leisurely manner, with time allowed for conversation. Examples of appropriate touching in-clude hugs, lap sitting, reassuring touches on the shoulder, and naptime backrubs.

Facility Compliance Requirements, page Figure C — 2: The nutritional aspects of CDS food programs, including menu planning and nutrition education will be coordinated.

Documentation of patron suggestions, complaints, and actions taken. The Army may not direct or control the activities of CDS volunteers in an employer— employee sense. Prevention, response to, and identification and reporting of child abuse, including allegations within CDC settings. An excess demand waiting list and preference for care and projected demand subwaiting lists will be maintained as.


See AR 5 — 3 for description of the Standard. Augmenting but not substituting for CDS caregiving employees in child activities and CDS management personnel for program enrichment purposes when duties are supervised by qualified CDS management personnel and ratios are met by CDS caregiving employees.

6008-10 Parents will have access to their children within the FCC home at all times of program operation. Parents will be encouraged to increase their understanding of CDS program philosophy and objectives in order to reinforce the partnership between themselves and those who provide care for their children.

Center caregiving employees must hold.

AR 608-10 Child Development Services (Update)

Procedures for diaper changing as recommended by the U. Training credit may be awarded for college or other professional training taken during the training period based on.

Weaning plans, as applicable. This publication is a mandated revision.

Hours of operation will be reviewed semi—annually. Parents are responsible for providing clean bottles daily for each feeding consumed.

AR Child Development Services

Meal production 680-10 will be completed daily. All soiled clothing will be sealed in a plastic bag and returned to the parent. The establishment of a CDS delivery system s is strongly recommended and is authorized at installations that may.


Each child will board or leave the vehicle from the curb side of the street.

AR Child Development Services (Update) :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Lesions from impetigo are no longer weeping. Lice are under treatment. Figure C — 9: Criteria for establishing CDS delivery systems. Standing operating procedures SOPs. Commanders may dedicate these spaces; however any loss ag income incurred should be made up from the installation MWR fund rather than increased fees for other CDC patrons.

Space arrangements will support independent functioning by allowing children to choose activities, and locate and. Two copies of the update installation information paper will be forwarded through channels to arrive at the MACOM no later than 1 November each year. Before taking such action, the following factors should be considered:. Figure 3 — 2: Scabies is under treatment. Program operations to include—.