CS Installation Instructions This manual contains installation details for the CS control panels. It provides the basic programming and. You can examine Aritech CS Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or Aritech CS Installation instructions manual (32 pages). Pages: 32 | Size . Get free help, tips & support from top experts on aritech cs manual related COM TO CHECK i’m looking for a installation manual for a aritech moose.

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Fs Ps Us Pu Full set. How to programme is detailed on page 7. Exterior Bell Follows the exterior bell alarm time. If you are missing your burglar alarm manual and needanother copy or an easier to access web based manjal justAritech cp32 intruder alarm instruction manualAritech.

Enter at Keypad 1 the default engineer’s code [0][1][2][7][8]. Input s and code s must have the ‘In’ attribute to be able to force arming of the panel. Clear when closed Open zones are omitted till they close again. Others can not be changed which will be displayed by [No Option]. Buzzer Follows the buzzer operation of the keypad. When programmed for ‘-‘ trigger the output will switch to ‘-‘ with an alarm condition. Entry time 30 sec.


Setting to ‘0’ disables the code. Factory default code for user code01is []. The following diagram shows how 4 RKPs may be connected using both methods. Fire Reset Switches with second entry of a valid user code after an alarm or after leaving the user log. Omnivista Installation Manual mail Download and install ds350 Download.

It provides the basic programming and installation information required by technicians and engineers. Aritecch perimeter system capability which provides local alarms for perimeter zone activations.

The pulse count ismonitored after the first triggering in a window of 30s with 1s intervals. Each time the system is powered down the panel memorizes it’s current state, i. Control panel activates 1. Partguard Switches when control panel is part set.

Aritech CS350 Installation Instructions Manual

If after the installstion time the zone is still open, the panel will not arm and act as programmed in function 6. When set to ’99’ code 4 is always operational.

Principles of Dual Operation All devices closed Chime, internal bell on With Engineer Lock programmed 1. That allows the doctor has to weigh. Remove all power from the panel. Fire Input is installatioh operational.

aritech cs manual Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

The [0] key has a blank space. Return to previous menu section. From that moment on they can detect again. Use from 4 up to 6 digits aritecj the exception of ‘0’. The RKP will display the cause of trouble.


Aritech CS Manuals

Ican find the installation manual for the mznual and I can find the user manual for the andthebut the user. Any combination of the above wiring methods is allowed with the restriction that the total cable length on each of the wiring loops either multidrop or star is restricted to m. Now accept [] to leave the Engineer Programming Mode.

Re-activation starts an infinite entry time. Confirm [] these changes when they are correct. See also Peridiax programming on p.

Alarm Instalkation is only active when the system raitech armed and it will act according to its programmed attributes. Bell cut off 30 min. Disconnect bell cable from control panel and connect across battery observing correct polarity. If wiring is correct the bell should ring.

Connect the RKP to the panel as shown in Diagram 3. Check wiring to the keypad, especially for swapped wires. Acorn Fire and Security one of the UK’s leading fire alarm equipment suppliers. Additional keypads must be initialised by the panel before they become active.