An ARRL Numbered Radiogram is a brevity code used in composing ARRL Radiograms during times of radio congestion. The code is used to transmit standard. ARRL Message Forms. Click on any section of this Message Form for information on how to use it. ARRL Radiogram. GENERAL. Follows a description of the. ARRL RADIOGRAM. A How To. EmComm East By John KB2SCS kb2scs @ With excerpts from the. W3YVQ.v/02 PSCM APP.-B NTS.

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Enter figures, street name spell out east, west, north and south for clarityand apartment or unit number. And truth be known, we do learn more adrl our mistakes than we do from getting everything perfect the first time. Retrieved from ” https: The Precedence of the Message determines what order the messages will be handled. Such punctuation words are separate groups and ARE counted for the check.

It stays with the message all the way to the point of delivery. ARL Message codes are always phonetically spelled out. The text is divided into word “groups”, five or ten to a line for easy counting, and is usually limited to 25 words or less.

Once a message is numbered, that same number remains with the message until delivered. If not needed, it is best not to use. As I said, the fundamentals aren’t all that complicated, but the devil radiorgam in the details.


It is rsdiogram to specify local time as “L”, as in L. Going to your addressee and amateur call sign if anyfigures Brushy Creek Drive, Bandera TX, zip figuresphone figuresbreak for text.

Once a message is numbered, that same number remains with the message until delivered. Some hams love handling traffic. This assigns full sentences to each of 48 different numbers, which are spelled out in the message and preceded by the procedure word “ARL”. The name of the party for whom the message was radiotram, May include additional information such as Amateur Radio call sign, title, address, phone number and so on. Amateur radio in the United States. It is only useful if the message has a short time value.

Greetings by Amateur Radio. SIX Will contact you as soon as possible. Advise to standby and provide further emergency information, instructions or assistance. I also encourage its use during exercises.

This I use for keeping record of when I delivered the radiogram. However, it is usually the name of a “third party”, for whom the originating station is generating the message.

ARRL Numbered Radiogram

The date the message was filed If Time Filed is used, date and time must agree. This is the message you are sending for the signature person to the addressee. Do not be concerned about disaster reports. They often have sneaky content such as, “Send the latter. Hoffman has a ham-related Web radiogra. In Amateur Radio, we use month and day. Phone number of who is getting the message.


The numbers are always written down as words, and are always preceded by the procedure word “ARL”. Handling Instructions are sometimes used to tell the various rsdiogram along the way, what the desires of the originating station are. The number of words or word groups in the text of the message.

The Amateur Amateur: Hammy-Grams

No punctuation is used. REACT communications services also available. Retrieved from ” https: These fields include the message’s priority, the callsign of the station of origin the amateur radio operator who placed the message onto the message netthe date and time of origin, contact information of the message’s recipient, as well arrrl the callsign of the station that delivered the message.

When in doubt, do NOT use this precedence.

FOUR Only slight radiogeam damage here. Do not use handling instructions unless a particular need is present. This is called the preamble click on text in each box to see what information goes there.