Article , UCMJ. False official statements. Any person subject to this chapter who, with intent to deceive, signs any false record, return, regulation, order. Article , UCMJ: Do False Statements Really Have to Be Official? Lieutenant Colonel Colby C. Vokey. 1. Taking the Next Step: An Analysis of the Effects the. The accused under article is punished as directed by a court martial. authorities may also fall within the purview of this UCMJ article provided they bear.

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In fact, the accused knew exactly where the computers were located. False official statements are wrticle limited those made in the line of duty. Dirk January 20th, on 9: Since the incident as well as investigation had direct relationship to the duties of the accused, this false statement was deemed a violation of Article How did you first learn about the false statements? Send to Email Address.

While loading equipment for a deployment, ucmjj accused and another soldier stole four government computers. The drafters make no attempt to reconcile this provision with the authorities cited above. Dorsey38 M. Also, charging accused with soliciting a false official statement and obstructing justice by that same solicitation was UMC.

UCMJ Article False Official Statement | UCMJ Attorney

Gay24 M. Nguyen July 22nd, on 6: This provision, however, may be reconciled with those authorities if read in light of United States v. The accused can defend himself by establishing that he truly believed that his statement was correct.


E December 17th, on November 6th, on 3: Paragraph 31c 6 a articld the Manual for Courts-Martial, which provides that a statement by an accused or suspect during an interrogation is not an official statement within the meaning of Article if that person did not have an independent duty or obligation to speak, does not establish a right that may be asserted by an accused who is charged with violating Article When I left I put down my time incorrectly.

artixle Teffeau58 M. The offense of false swearing has seven elements: Bailey52 M. Bilecki and his associates are amazingly qualified and skilled in handling UCMJ cases.

The accused has violated the article if the prosecution can prove that his intent was to mislead or give incorrect information. His statement pertained to an uxmj accident which claimed the life of a delayed-entry recruit. The rank of the person receiving the statement is immaterial as long as he is authorized to articlr so. Statements made to civilian law enforcement authorities may also fall within the purview of this UCMJ article provided they bear direct relationship with the accused’s military responsibilities.

The statement also falsely implied that the computers went missing while he was loading up the connex boxes. Does anyone know if I can file an appeal for being charged with something?


Doubts as to the meaning of an articcle false statement should be resolved in favor of truthfulness. This scenario is all ucmmj common and we know how to fight against it. You may be tossed out of the military with a dishonorable discharge.

Hill31 M. Hutchins18 C. Tunstall24 M. The concept is that one is innocent until proven guilty.

10 U.S. Code § 907 – Art. 107. False official statements

Please enter your phone number. That the accused intended to deceive by giving this false statement or signing the false document.

I taught this Kempshi and know what I sayeth! Independent Duty to Account and the Meaning of Officiality.

Nelson53 M. Arondel De Hayes22 M. Every article of the Uniform Code of Military Justice requires prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a handful of critical assumptions—known as elements—to convict you of a crime. Any attempt by a service agticle of the United States armed forces to intentionally falsify an official U. Please enter a message.