, Platform: Web Forms, Product: ASPxGridView, Type: Question, Subject: ASPxGridView – How to open a new. I am using below commands its opening my URL in Same Page I want to open this in New Windows Like Target=”_Blank”. , Platform: Web Forms, Product: ASPxGridView, Type: Question, Subject: ASPxGridView – How to open a detail row.

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Well, I used to export page opem a usercontrol. Now we will hide or show different menu items base on what are actually the operations that we can perform. Articles in this section are for the members only and aspxxgridview not be used to promote or advertise products in any way, shape or form.

You will see that I used a ASPxMemo control which is very similar to a multiline text box, and two buttons.

However, my project is a bug occurs. Data is not selected, even if the file download window appears.

– How to Open a Popup on Devexpress Gridview CustomButton Click? – Stack Overflow

The express version should be enough. Here is the complete SQL script that will do the necessary. Let’s first start with showing them.

Seems that everything is wired up, but we do not have yet anything that will pop up our menu on the grid. Right now the code will not run correctly because we have no client side event in our JavaScript file specified, but do not worry, as soon as we specify our grid, we will write down the necessary. Non of these buttons causes validation or generates a post back on click and both have an client side event aspxgrridview to their client side click event.

Otherwise the following situation may happen: Please modify my project from the previous post to illustrate your approach and reproduce the undesired behavior, and send it to us. Clean at least I hope so.


You can read the introduction about what are the Devexpress controls, how and where to get them, versioning information and prerequisites in my previous article which you can find at this address http: It will contain the following columns: Similar things for EditNote except that as the last thing we are performing a callback on a popup control.

Split the string by the separation character that I used for convection for separating different values in a string. Why don’t you contact DevExpress guys directly? We will modify it in the following way: Focus ; break ; case ‘ EditNote’: Inside that popup control I need to load some controls dynamically.

The first one is for the cells that has no value and on which there should not be show the context menu.

Fast export of AspxGridView data to Excel ,PDF ,CSV ,RTF file type C#,VB.NET

Great Tutorial Anurag Sarkar 5-Jan What do you think we should solve? Creating database schema First of all we will create a table that will store all of our credit cards. Table of contents The necessary and the result Creating database schema Writing the data service Creating the page Defining the ASPxGridView Showing cells with notes Showing notes in a popup screen Adding, editing and removing notes Changing the year Downloads and the source code Final word The necessary and the result The attached project is written in Visual Studio Thanks, Jenny Q 2.

Additionally, I have a strong hands-on experience on deploying and administering Microsoft Team Foundation Server migrations, builds, deployment, branching strategies, etc.

When I select a row and enter on edit mode, I want these 3 checkboxes the ones in red to opdn aligned to right instead of left: Client side function looks like this. Deepan Babu 1 6 We need to retrieve card name, imports and notes for all the months of the indicated year.

You can set the default alignment for all columns, and then set a custom style for each column you want:. We defined a column for a card name, one for each month and a column that will show the total per card. But in the meantime – have you, or anyone else, had any thoughts on the best aspxgrdiview around this? SettingsPager mode ShowAllRecords basically disables the pager meanwhile the SettingsEditing mode Inline sets the editing mode to inline.


If you like the creation of the following sources, without download page will simply flashing.

If the array contains more than two values then the oepn value indicates the month and here it is what aspxgfidview the currentFieldName that we were passing is. It was only 3 days ago that a client asked me if I could implement Excel style notes on his grid. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The attached project is written in Visual Studio First of all we will create a table that will store all of our credit cards.

ASPxGridView Excel style – Adding notes to grid cells

Text ; break ; case ” ChangeYear”: In order to achieve that we need to modify our old acquaintance, the HtmlDataCellPrepared event. Also as the ShowPopup functions second parameter we will pass the cells client ID so the pop-up can be shown next to the cell. I will use the Master Page. In order to set dynamically a background on a cell we need to declare HtmlDataCellPrepared on our grid.

If you do have a more recent version, upgrading the project should be easy. Add int reader[ 0 ], reader[ 0 ]. Now if you run your solution you should see something similar: You should post your code if you need more info.

First you should attach an event handler to the custom button for the click event. ConnectionStrings[ ” DefaultConnection” ].