Astrology of Personality has 83 ratings and 6 reviews. Dane Rudhyar Rudhyar integrates modem concepts of psychology with elements of both Western and. The Astrology of Personality by Dane Rudhyar, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Dane Rudhyar’s Article – Sex Factors in Personality. In this It illustrates the yearly rhythm of the seasons, and the astrological zodiac is a.

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astrologg Through the winter months, the Day Force increases and personalihy days become longer ; the Night Force decreases. But the new-born individual — and, later on, the self-sufficient mature man pereonality is not alone in the astrrology. Saturn is in astrology the father image because the father is or should be, in natural conditions of life the symbol of authority and mind power; and — as the little girl feels in her psychic depths — he has been her mother’s “initiator.

I have shown in my books, particularly in The Astrology of Personalitythat these two principles, individual and collective, are the two most basic polarities in all forms of existence. Thus, the feminine type of intellect also a part of her outer nature is normally wide open to collectivizing social currents.

With the Sun and the Moon, we are, therefore, dealing essentially with the outer biological and sexual aspects of, respectively, man and woman. Sorana rated it it was amazing Oct 13, This outer dependence may tenaciously persist after adolescence, and the young man may transfer it to his wife.

The male body retains something of the potential female organs, and the female body displays structures related to the male set of characters.

Astrology Of Personality by Rudhyar, Dane

Health is present when these functions operate harmoniously and in rhythmic interdependence. Astrology was the first human expression of an awareness of order,” writes Dane Rudhyar. He seeks to present astrology mainly as a symbolic language; by reformulating its basic concepts and stressing the importance of the study of the chart-as-a-whole rather than merely piecing together many small bits of memorized information and traditional data, he attempts to reorient and modernize the approach to this most ancient search for order and meaning in the universe.


Yet a negative result can also occur in some cases — i. Dust jacket rubbed but now in protective mylar. Very often what seems to a man or a woman to be the motive for his actions, or the cause of his feelings for a person or a situation, is not at all the real motive and cause.

The earliest forms of life were not classified according to sex. This drive is instrumented by the Mars function which rules all muscles and organs of action and also by the Mercury function which deals with the intellect and its associative memory. In a very real sense, one can say that the sex forces build, or power the building of, the child’s body.

Amir Hamad rated it liked it Apr 24, Jackie Thompson rated it it was amazing Dec 06, Even if the individual rebels against the intellectual ways of thinking and the ethical, religious, and social ways of living of his family, group, or nation, this rebellion itself is conditioned by and starts from the primordial rudhyxr of “belonging” to a group. You can’t fail with Rudhyar, all worth reading and re-reading.

But there is also a subtler form of relationship affecting the boy’s inner life, for he normally identifies himself with his mother in a communion of love participation. Wherever there is life, there also we find the principle of polarity operating. Any experience which decreases the tone of, or gives a negative emotional value to, the sexual factors in the growing personality of the youth tends thereby to personzlity the influence and actual ruduyar of the countersexual life principle.

Rhodes Hileman rated it it was amazing Jul 25, In a woman’s chart, the Moon represents her female nature and also, during childhood and adolescence, her relationship to her mother, whom she normally wants personlaity imitate.

Harrie rated it it was amazing Jun 28, Nov 10, Woutey astrolpgy it. If you haven’t made a voluntary donation, click now to do it the safe and easy way online using your credit or debit card. Find Rare Books Book Value. Annie rated it it was amazing Oct 20, The countersexual aspect of a girl’s personality being represented by Saturn, the astrological aspect between the Moon and Saturn is quite revealing.

Rane within the unconscious part of her psyche, the basic drive is toward individualization. For the man, this act of love is normally a conscious expression of sex power, one of many events or incidents in his outer life.


In this sense, our astronauts will not fully leave the earth’s sphere until they are able to go beyond the Moon and symbolically, at least to rise from the “hidden side” of the Moon which is always turned toward outer space and away from the Sun. Afterwards, the Night Force waxes in strength while the Day Force wanes, once more to become equal at the fall equinox, etc. He was born with the Sun near Personalihy just rising in Leo.


But the body, represents only the outer aspect of personality. Saturn and Jupiter deal with collective factors in the human being; the Sun and Moon, and the organic instrumentality-building planets Mars and Venus, with individual factors.

HC, 8vo, pp. They operate within the subconscious as persnality potentially compensating factor in the inner life. Jupiter and Saturn urdhyar Countersexual Symbols When we come to the countersexual aspects of the total human individual, we enter a realm in which a great deal of elucidation is needed, at both the psychological and the astrological levels. Natasha Palmaer rated it it was rudhyag Mar 29, The uni-cellular organism divided itself into two, dae half becoming an independent unit which also divided, and so on ad infinitum.

Astrology of Personality, The: Help the work today! On the other hand, a woman may consciously believe that she is seeking the love of a man as an outlet for her sexual feelings while, in reality but unconsciously or semi-consciouslyshe is yearning for a transcendent power that would reveal to her what she essentially is as a spiritual being. Moderate cover, edge wear.

He is born within a group, a collectivity of human beings; and it is this collectivity and its tradition which provide this individual human organism dabe what he needs, at both the biological and the mental level — i. Why should I relate such a countersexual aspect to Jupiter and Saturn? Scott Brogan rated it it was amazing Apr 27, A re3interpretation of astrological concepts and ideals in terms of contemporary psychology and philosophy.