The Asus Eee T91 is a touchscreen netbook from the Asus Eee PC range. It is similar in specification to other netbooks, but features an ” rotatable. Since similar tablets cost at least twice the price, what makes the new ASUS Eee PC T91 so special? I spent a week putting the T91 through its. В Eee PC T91 впервые используется поворотный сенсорный экран с диагональю 8,9 дюйма, а набор прилагаемого программного обеспечения.

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The graphics card is also by Intel, bearing the unwieldy name of Graphics Media Accelerator Overall performance with the Intel Atom platform is very reasonable for daily activities like Web browsing, email, using Microsoft Office, listening to music, and watching DVD-quality movies.

Build and Design The Eee PC T91 is the first touchscreen netbook from the company that created the netbook category of laptops.

ASUS Eee PC T91 – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

So there is nothing to stop you from taking the notebook with you on a trip, knowing that it will asjs well-protected against adverse weather and cold winter temperatures. Temperature In idle mode maximum energy-saving options enabled the laptop stays cool, with a maximum of It’s a much more t1 way to interact with a Netbook–especially if you’re tripped up by the tiny touch pads and keyboards found on most minilaptops.

Eee PC branding on the lid. Touch Gate also includes simple notepad and memo applications in case you need to scribble a few quick notes during the day. The obvious compromises, besides the smaller display, are the tiny keyboard and touch pad, but the tradeoff is a system that’s very svelte and easy to carry. Tablet PCs came out of the closet in record numbers at the recently concluded CESbut Asus has had one out for a t991.

Asus has had to play about a bit with the layout too, moving the right shift-key and the ‘ key from their usual places. In practice this overclocking of around 57 MHz does not really help with the main problem axus the T91 MT, namely its poor overall working speed.


However, its underpowered processor results in an underwhelming experience; screens take too long to open, and the lack of palm rejection is frustrating. Review Tt91 since it introduced the netbook concept two year ago, ASUS has usually been the first manufacturer to experiment with innovative designs.

Tablet Features The T91 quickly converts into tablet mode with a twist of the screen and a press of the dedicated screen rotate button. Intel Atom Z 1.

The left-hand button was acceptable in terms of tactile feedback, but the right-hand button seemed to us to have a somewhat spongy feel.

There are limitations to the CPU and the resistive touchscreen — we had to move a bit slower than we liked or our touches didn’t always get recognized — but the touch interface also functions better than we expected.

In addition the notebook has problems coping with graphically demanding programs, and high-resolution videos seldom run smoothly. ASUS bundles the machine with its Touch Gate software overlay see below for more details on the interface.

Asus Eee T91

Even if you write very messily, the software converts most words reliably. This is well put together ssus, and made out of a thick and incredibly soft material. But for us the real highlight was the carry case which was included.

Lastly, Eee Tools contains parental controls, font resizing software, and the Eee docking settings menu. The average transfer rate is Although inputting information by hand or h91 the pen is already very accurate on its default settings, it is recommended that you calibrate the screen.

Asus Eee PC T91 Specs – CNET

G91 prefer two dedicated buttons with more tactile response. All Intel Atom-based netbooks have nearly identical performance in terms of actual real-world use. Google aims to fix laggy interface on Chrome OS tablets. The underside can get as high as The handwriting recognition also works very well for the most part, with only the odd exception here and there. But a few of the keys are extremely narrow. There can be no complaints about the workmanship, with everything sitting well in its place; no sharp edges or other such problems were apparent.


Though the drive boots Windows XP in a speedy 45 seconds, it’s very sluggish when it comes to just about everything else. Don’t show this again. Techradar The first Eee PC to ship with a touchscreen interface – and it’s great. While the horizontal viewing angles are quite acceptable, even small changes in the vertical aasus give rise to deviations in brightness and colour. In asuz older 3DMark01 the GMA just manages to scrape past the point mark, but azus 3DMark03 it stuttered continuously, and only reached points.

The right-hand side of the notebook features an antenna input socket and two audio ports headphone and sausfollowed by a further USB 2. It may not support a Bit system, but its so-called hyper-threading technology simulates the effect of an additional CPU core, so that the Z appears as a dual core processor under Windows Task Manager.

As a result it is often necessary to keep adjusting the screen. It weighs in at two pounds with its lithium polymer battery, and, at just an inch thick — is very, very slim.

And users wanting to write a quick memo can do this using the very practical ‘ journal ‘ tool. For instance the battery life is still given as up to 5 hours. The asks buttons have extremely shallow feedback with sharp yet quiet clicks.

The T91 features an 8.