PARITTA PALI Only the Ratana Sutta, Mora Sutta, Vatta Sutta, Atanatiya Sutta, Angulimala . Angulimala Sutta for easy delivery for expectant mothers;. Atanatiya Sutta means something in Buddhism, Pali. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out. Atanatiya Sutta. Pali, Indonesia · English. Appasannehi nāthassa, sāsane sādhusammate; amanussehi candehi, sadā kibbisakāribhi.

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They worship Gotama Buddha, the benefactor of gods and men, endowed with knowledge and good conduct, noble and fearless.

And may you be blissful. In the western region there are great powerful dragon snakes.

Dhamma Wheel

Given for example what the Buddha said in AN When a person is endowed with these ten courses of unskillful action, then even if he gets up at the proper time from his bed and touches the earth, he is still impure.

People armed with wooden weapons should surround the bhikkhu when accompanying him from the monastery. A part of the Mahasamaya Sutta sections looks very much like an improved and enlarged edition of this list of bare names. After the seats have been washed clean, all bhikkhus assembled, and merits from the offering of flowers, perfumes, etc. Sutta 1 Sutta, 2 nt. Homage also to Vasabha Buddha, washed clean from all defilements and endowed with ascetic spirit.

I, 76; II, 13; Vin. The Atanatiya Sutta is now regarded as a Paritta, and its influence pervades a hundred million world systems VibhA. The biggest tree around the monastery should be located and its resident deva summoned: Dry up what pertains to the past, do not take up anything to come later.

If you post an extract on a forum, post a link to the appropriate page. May worry and illness be dispelled.


Atanatiya Sutta

It opens with a salutation to the seven Buddhas, beginning with Vipassi. May they also protect us to be healthy and happy. And in order that the Buddhas disciples, atanatiga lonely and remote parts of the forest where the Yakkhas dwelt, might find protection from them, Vessavana suggested that the Buddha might learn the Atanatiya word rune rakkha.

If you will not grasp in the middle, you will live at peace. And homage to Sikhi Buddha, the most compassionate towards all beings. Updated on 2 March, If sutra want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page.

Need help with Atanatiya Sutta – Dhamma Wheel

If a bhikkhu is possessed by a human-like being, the procedure is similar but less compli- cated. I have these two texts http: To those who are endowed with the nature of piety, and who always revere the elders, these four boons shall prosper; namely, longevity, beauty, happiness and strength.

May you be free from all scorching worries. All Buddhas are powerful ones. All are endowed with ten powers, they are equipped with courage. Whosoever have extinguished the flames of passion in this world, they have seen thoroughly the natural phenomena as they really are.

Then the spirit possessing the victim should be asked: He should not sit in the open to recite. No registered users and 12 guests. May not injure the four social classes, and may protect society from dangers. By the power of their truth, virtue, patience, loving-kindness and might, may they protect us to be healthy and happy.

Having saluted him and sat down with hosts of other Yakkhas, Vessavana told the Buddha that the Yakkhas did not, for the most part, believe in the Buddha for the reason that they did not find it pleasant or agreeable to abstain from the things which he declared to be evil – such as the taking of life, theft, etc. There are some powerful deities residing within the jurisdiction of this religion.


They all are revered by the world of gods and men. If he touches wet cow dung, he is still impure. This is the procedure for lay victims.

May all the dangers be eradicated. Click here to login or click here to become a member. All these Buddhas admitted to be the knowers of the supreme state of Enlightenment.

They are most compassionate and industrious benefactors of all beings. These Buddhas expounded bravely to the audience like the roaring lion, they propagated the Noble Wheel of the Law in the world which cannot be done by ordinary worldlings.

I was thinking that one should shout the Names of the Commanders and then make the complaint: It is included in the list of Parittas found in the Milinda panha, p. These four kings are famous guardian spirits of the world. By these Buddhas, may you be protected so that you may be liberated from all calamities. Anathapindika visits the Buddha, who tells him of the five guilty fears—that begotten by killin May they protect us to be healthy and happy. In order that the hostile non-human beings, who are always evil-doers and who do not have faith in this well-esteemed religion of the Lord, May not injure the four social classes, and may protect society from dangers.

Search found related definition s that might help you understand this better.

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