Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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In the calculationFormula this is used to address the different parts the value needs to be derived from.

Specification of ECU Configuration

The tool strategy and tooling details for the ECU Configuration are out of scope of this specification. When specifying the containment relationship between two containers an aggregation with the role name subContainer at the contained container is used. Depending on the number of specified configuration variants only a subset of these tags might be used.

Since currently only informal description are supported also a combination of natural language with such references is possible to express more complex relationships. In both cases the resulting hex files will then be located at a known conifguration location so that the ECU Executable could access the latest configuration data after the download.

Example of an object diagram for an instance reference In the example in figure 3. The relationship between the EnumerationParamDef and the available EnumerationLiteralDefs is established using aggregations with the role name literal at the side of the EnumerationLiteralDef.

ConfigParameter The use-case for the attribute symbolicNameValue will be described in section 3.

It provides a low initial tooling and training investment. This description is the input for the tools and has to be standardized. It would read those definitions and provide a generic interface to edit values for all parameters in the ECU Configuration Description.

Since this information is only available when the BSW Module has actually been implemented this information is mandatory in the Vendor Specific Configuration Parameter Definition.

Therefore the code generator of the providing module has the responsibility to associate the provided symbolic name12 to its actual value.


Two containers of type ParameterConfParamDef are specified as part of the module definition. For this purpose an object representing the xutosar has to be used. Since the calculationFormula provides information how the values can be computed it utilizes the references to address foreign elements to gather the needed information. Custom Editors and Generators In the custom editors approach as shown in figure 2.

Each module generator may then extract the subset of configuration data it needs from that single format. A template is defining the structure and possible content of an actual description. The contents of pre-compile parameters can not be changed at the subsequent development steps like link time or post-build time. Cinfiguration port and each channel is represented by one Container see chapter 3. Whenever the decision of parameter value must be taken before the selection of other dependable parameters, pre-compile time configuration is the right choice.

With the ability to establish relationships between containers and parameters and the means to specify references, the definition of parameters has enough power for the needs of the ECU Configuration.

Two different approaches are shown. Then, in a generation step, the actual XML formats are automatically generated out of the model. Link Type Float There confiiguration two specializations of a container definition. The used examples represent configuration values that correspond to their appropriate parameter definition examples depicted in figure 3.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, without permission in writing from the publisher. The recommendedConfiguration contains parameter values recommended by the BSW module vendor. This configuration class provides a modular approach to the configuration process.

Otherwise both attributes are shown. Some informative background why this single work product is needed will help the understanding of the following section.

But the ECU Configuration editors need to know how the content of an ECU Configuration Description should be structured which parameters are available in which container and what kind of restrictions are to be respected e.

ARElement itself inherits form Identifiable which has two consequences: These would allow very sophisticated features, potentially dedicated to one BSW module, to be added by individual suppliers. With the two attributes lowerMultiplicity and upperMultiplicity the minimum and maximum occurrence of the configuration element is specified.


Framework Tools The tool framework as shown in figure 2. Therefore the EcuParameterDefinition defines a reference relationship to the definition of several Software Modules in the module attribute.

If any of the aggregated parameters is either preCompile time or link time this attribute is ignored and may be ommited. In the following, the different approaches that have been considered during the development of the specification are introduced. The different configuration formats would potentially contain redundant information.

Since the foreign reference SignalDefinitionSystemDescription is present in the same container as the derived parameter definitions it is possible to address the reference directly using its name. This can be implemented in different ways, as shown in figure 2. This parameter may only be set to true configkration all of the following conditions hold: Sutosar cases where post-build configuration can be adopted are listed below. The concept is open to be implemented as XML files as well as in databases.

String FunctionNameValue Figure 3. Link Type Description Table 3. For each BSW module, a generator reads the relevant parameters from the ECU Configuration Description and creates code that implements the specified configuration, as shown on the right hand side of figures 2.

Specification of ECU Configuration

For these definitions there is no corresponding entry in the ECUC description. In general the configuration language uses containers and actual parameters. If AUTOSAR configuuration to continue with the approach sketched above, the configuration tools and generators of a specific module would need to read several different formats. Some parameters might be configured as pre-compile time or link time.