History has it that the mystic significance of the Bakatue festival is to bring all sons and daughters of Edinaman together in a very unique way. Nana Kojo Conduah VI said this during a grand durbar of chiefs and people of Elmina on the 11th July to climax this year’s Bakatue Festival, in the. Bakatue Festival. Literally translated to mean “opening up of the Benya Lagoon into the sea”, Bakatue symbolizes the beginning of a fishing season, which is.

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Bakatue Festival

The sacrificial ceremony symbolised the official proclamation of bqkatue strict observance of all taboos as already listed above. This once a year meeting has withstood the test of time and though Benya has been met and consulted without ceremony in times of need, whenever this meeting is executed with ceremony, the result is the Bakatue Festival.

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The Dutch reported existence of the festival at least as far back as and was mentioned in a report by Governor Nagtglas in The sounding gestival the Royal State drum Aketsewta warns people to take cover and give way to the deity. Please enter the email address. The mystic significance of Bakatue Festival is, first and foremost, to bring all sons and daughters of Edinaman together in a very unique way.

It has puzzled many in view of the obvious fact that unlike stagnant lagoon which needs to be dug and opened up by artificial means when inundated. This festival has remained much treasured and constitutes the priceless cultural heritage of its citizens. Benya naturally flows into the sea.


This is used to remember your inputs. Nana Conduah VI called on all citizens to celebrate but in moderation. The wonderful ceremony include processions drumming, singing and dancing in the town.

It will expire by itself. It is an annual festival, observe by the chiefs and people of Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana.

A royal procession leading to the chief’s palace amidst traditional music ends the festival. Administrative purposes, should a need to contact you arise. The Edinamanhen and the Paramount Chief for Edina Traditional Area, Nana Kojo Conduah VI, has called on his subjects to uphold good environmental cleanliness and sanitation in within their communities to attract tourists to bakatus area.

Fextival which there is the riding on the lagoon by women in Kente cloth and local festive headgears. Festivals in Ghana Elmina. The Bakatue Festival is celebrated by the chiefs bamatue peoples of Elmina in the Central region of Ghana. On the morning of the festival, all members of the Elmina royal family participate in a royal possession made up of chiefs and stool carriers.

This page was last edited on 6 Februaryat There was boat racing competitions on the lagoon whilst various women oriented cultural troupes sang traditional songs.

On the following day, the moral significance of the festival is reflected by the vulgarity of demonstration by men folk causing a lot of embarrassment to women of childbearing fedtival. The solemn procession bakayue with one of the courtiers carrying wooden tray believed to contain, among other things all the ills and curses of the state.

Edinaman celebrates Bakatue Festival + [Photos] – atlfmonline

This resounding of the third and final Dombo takes us to Tuesday morning the much-awaited day. A state proclamation is made by means of gong gong the traditional stool — to — people information giving by which. The trained and experienced observer can tell which god is on the ascendancy by the dancing style of the priest on floor.


Before the celebration of the festival a – six week ban on fishing in the Benya Lagoon is affected as well as a ban on drumming and any form of noise making. This policy contains information about your privacy. The willful neglect of this expensive obligation may force a defaulter to go into banishment, as non performance of the purification rite is sacrilegious.

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Bakatue Festival – Wikipedia

When linked with Bakatue Festival it is a day of bakatke Jubilation as the people of Edinaman celebrate the commemoration of the founding of Elmina by Kwa Amankwa The festival day Tuesday is synclosised with the opening harvest and he ushering of new crops into the markets. State Courtiers and all concerned citizens take their right positions and get themselves ready to watch the drumming and dancing and to consult the oracle and answer spiritual enquiries when necessary. Information Services Department P.

After the procession and the giving of various efstival by select chiefs and invited guest, the chief priest casts his net three times into the Brenya Lagoon. Get in touch Information Services Department P.

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