Balaji. Product. Media Center. Contact Us. Careers. Snacking its way to success A tough competitor for multinationals: Chandubhai Virani · More >>. Sitemap. Balaji Wafers | Download and Upload Project Reports related to Balaji Wafers. Research Reports on Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd. exceptional RESULTS. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL. A Focus on Quality. The driving force behind the Balaji Wafers project has been to improve quality and.

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LTD, Today is the era of hyper competition and cyber competition, now a day domestic companies face many threats due to arrival of MNCs in India. Excess loans take from the bank is repaid.

These steps are given below: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These benefits are as follows: Wafees vision meets the buying capacity of ablaji average Indian and it also reflects the motto to the provide best Quality product line.

In this company they do not have exports. Production planning an control is very well managed in balaji wafers pvt ltd. To et the best out of the available funds is the major task of priject manager.

It the basic input need to keep the business running on continuing basis and is also the ultimate out put expected to be realized by selling the product. The journey of balaji group in year by the members of virani family.

Resource management and waste management are supportive to each other. Instead of preparing wafer by the traditional frying method this semi automatic plant boosted the quality, taste and more sales also. Cash in its ultimate state yield no return and as such is barren. To help determining promotion and transfer. When communicated, the manger to listen and understand and thus encourage the employees to put forth his grievance.


Salaries are thus paid on the monthly basis and at times the element of incentive is introduced in the form of commission.

It looks after their implementation and control. So these pieces are separated from the scrap[ and are again sent to the production dept. Forge piece which are rejected, which are found at the end process can be reused are called end piece.

Balaji Wafer Ppt |authorSTREAM

Waste here refers to waster of the all kinds of the resources, but especially the material which constitute a significant portion. The reduction of cost of production and distribution helps in elevating either the competitive strength or the profit margin of the business.

Vajdi [Vad], Kalawad road, Rajkot, Tal. Today the existence waferz any manufacturing unit depends on the quality of product or services it manufactures or supplies.

Finance guides and regulates investments decision and expenditure.


Wafeers, variable factor determining into prominence in many pricing decisions. For communication to other departments of the organisation. It produces following items: Upload from Desktop Single File Upload.

In a sense, br4anding is simply another dimension of marketing strategy. Without properly no matter however efficient the unit may be. Other element in a marketing mix accounting for demand and sales revenue.

Performance appraisal is also described as merit rating in which one individual is ranked better or prject in comparison to other.

Capacity of production at beginning kg per hour and current capacity is kg per hour. Sample design Sample size of consumer: Published by Oxford University in the year 1 st edition.

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Induction is a technique by which a new employee is rehabilitated into changed surrounding and introduced to the practices, policies and the objectives of wxfers organisation. In balaji wafers there are mainly two types of workers that are at operating and managerial staff. Even the respondents may give biased answers. They dispatch they finish products as soon as they are produced. Wafesr proper process in deciding the price of any product. To get the best out of the available funds is the major task of finance manager.


The inputs are various resources like raw materials and the outputs are goods and services.

For the short term capital the company depends on cash credit, bills of exchange, promoters and debtors. To establish a new plant in Gujarat region so as to reduce the balajii on rajkot unit.

The management of the scrap and waste is done in appropriate manner. This helps he company to keep appropriate amount of cash with them. Wastage can oroject be reduced by controlling the production process.

Sampling technique used is Random stratified wafer sampling; it may result in personal bias. Balaji Wafers then set up their new fully automatic plant near Metoda G. Employees should be given many other benefits by to company which would provide security and would motivate them.

Inventory control refers to the process whereby the investment in materials and parts carried in stock is regulated within predetermined limits set in accordance with the inventory policy established by management.

Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd.

Each product is combination of tangible plus intangible. The product gradually reached every part of Gujarat, and the Viranis wanted to take over the whole western India, so the biggest automatic plant of Gujarat came into the picture. A transfer therefore does not involve a material change in responsibility. After considering all these factors the wafesr decides a competitive price, which will help them to compete with the competitors.