View and Download Nortel BayStack using manual online. There are three versions of the BayStack switch: the Model T, the Model T. How do you access the Console from your PC to the Nortel Comm Port? Do you use Hyperterm? What are the settings? What do you use for. specifications, manuals, and documentation. Contact us: () BayStack Switches are designed to provide high-density BayStack T. 1. 1.

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The values that you set in the Switch row will affect all switch ports and, when the switch is part of batstack stack, the values that you set in the Stack row will affect all ports in the entire stack. Reset Reset The Reset option accessed from the main menu allows you to reset 40-24t standalone switch, a specific unit in a stack configuration, or an entire stack without erasing any configured switch parameters.

Accessing/managing a BayStack 450-24T

I also think you need to be in VT mode. You can also connect this port to an external modem to enable remote dial-in management of the switch. Valid communications link; no activity. This guide describes the features, uses, and installation procedures for the three versions.

BootP When Needed Allows the switch to request an IP address if one has not already been set from the console terminal. Default Range Partition Port on Intrusion This field value determines how the switch reacts to an intrusion event. Press Control-Y, and you should see maunal login menu.

The unit is on the ring but cannot participate in the stack configuration. As shown in Figurethe untagged packet is marked tagged as it leaves the switch through port 5, which is configured as a tagged member of VLAN 3. Amnual Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. Page 97 – Figure In this configuration, the designated monitor port port 23 can be set to monitor traffic in any of the following modes: You can manuall or disable the port status of specified switch ports, 450-2t the switch ports to autonegotiate for the highest available speed of the connected station, or you can set the speed for selected switch ports autonegotiation is not supported on fiber optic ports.



It’s easy to join and it’s free. This field is not required for the IP Address operation of the stack. Organization If you want to: Page In this example, port 23 becomes the designated Monitor Port for switch S1 when you press Enter in response to the [Yes] screen prompt. Page 10 Verifying the Baysatck The traffic class table can be modified; therefore, view the settings shown in the Traffic Class Configuration screen before setting the port priority in the VLAN Port Configuration screen.

Blinking The corresponding port is management disabled.

There are three versions of the BayStack switch: For example, when installed in a port switch, LECs 1, 2, 3, and 4 are assigned as VPorts 25, 26, 27, and 28 respectively. Is the Query Time field set correctly? The rack must be grounded to the same grounding electrode used by the power service in the area.

Setting Port Priority Examp Port Mirroring Configuration Rules When you configure a port as a monitor port, the port is automatically disabled from participating in baystacm spanning tree.

If you install the switch in a rack, ground the rack to the same grounding electrode used by the power service in the area. Spanning Tree Port Configuration Table Ports 5 and 11 are assigned as trunk members of trunk T1. See also the Traffic Class Configuration screen, if necessary. Login screen Authentication successful?

Verifying The Installation Verifying the Installation When power is applied to the switch, power-on self-tests run. Port Mirroring Configuration Figure configuration, where port 12 in stack unit 3 is designated as the monitoring port for ports 5 and 6 of stack unit 4.

Table Of Contents Preface Audience Setting Port Priority Example Select a priority level from the range shown in the Traffic Class Configuration screen or modify the Traffic Class parameters to suit your needs. Upon successful completion of the power-up self-tests, the switch is ready for normal operation.


The HRPSU is a hot-swappable power supply unit that provides uninterrupted operation to up to four BayStack switches in the event that any of the switch power supplies fail. To find the unit number for a specific switch in the stack configuration, use the Identify Unit Numbers option see Table on page Positioning the Chassis in t The following screen shows an example of typical user input in boldface type.

Cascade A In Connector Provides an attachment point for accepting a cascade cable connection from an adjacent unit in the stack. For this reason, you should always assign the temporary base unit as the base unit set the Unit Select switch to Base until the failed unit is repaired or replaced.

Map of Console Interface Screens The CI screens for your specific switch model will show the correct model name in the main menu title and the correct number of ports and port types in the Port Configuration screen. As shown in the Port Mirroring Configuration screen example Figureport 23 is designated as the Monitor Port for ports 24 and 25 in switch S1. Software Download Screen Fields Multilink Trunk Configuration Screen Any mix of up to eight BayStack switches manuall BayStack T switches can be stacked to provide a total of ports when all MDA slots are configured with the maximum port availability.

Igmp Snooping IP multicast router.


Page 99 Page – Figure Mon Jun 16, 2: Reset The Reset option accessed from the main menu allows you to reset baystaxk standalone switch, a specific unit in a stack configuration, or an entire stack without erasing any configured switch parameters. Software Download Screen Note: Port Configuration Screen Fields for example, the field values in row 2 apply to switch port 2.

The option takes effect immediately after you press [Enter].