Beej Bachao Andolan: The genesis. The fertile valleys in Garhwal Himalayas witnessed a near genetic wipeout in agriculture. By the mids, large arcas of . Jardhargaon, a small village in the Tehri-Garhwal district of Uttaranchal, pioneered a people’s movement to conserve indigenous seeds and promote traditional. Our hunt for people working with this ethos led us to the doorstep of Vijay Jardhari of Beej Bachao Andolan in remote rural Uttarakhand. In a village called Upli.

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This movement has not only resulted in higher yields but also improved the soil fertility and agro-biodiversity. In the case of farming methods and seeds, the movement calls for more decentralised systems that can fend for themselves. Chipko movement was started in the areas of Himalayas. It’s efforts were noticed by the world and inspired many eco-groups to slow down the rapid deforestation, increase ecological awareness, expose vested andolam, and demonstrate the importance of people’s power.

Secondary School Social sciences 8 points.

What the farmers here were doing was avoiding monoculture in a method called baranaja 12 grainswhich involves the multicropping of a number of cereals and legumes. To accomplish this outcome, programme organisers visited villages in the region to learn more about traditional varieties of seeds. The rice was nutritious and suited to local requirements and conditions.

The use of traditional farming methods and seeds has resulted higher yields, improved health of humans and increased conservation of soil fertility and agro-biodiversity. They organized food marches, get-togethers and meetings to create awareness about the importance of protecting traditional seeds. Vijay Jardhari bqchao his wife and two daughters.

Comment from Philipos Petros Gile. Bottles from nature these dried vegetables are used to store seeds Different types of grains This story is not a celebration of Beej Bachao Andolan or any individual, bachap recognition will not bring about any change.

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The success of movement can simply be measured by the collection of about varieties of paddy, eight varieties of wheat, four of barley, varieties of kidney beans rajmaeight of cowpea and 12 varieties of navrangi dhal. I want a free account! This is probably why so many of us eat only white polished rice. He operates from the mountains of Himachal Pradesh where he plays with technology, farming and eco-construction.

Beej Bachao Andolan – Save Seed Movement of Uttarakhand

This movement also promotes the traditional practises of the villagers like controlling the pests by using the leaves of walnut and neem. ALso one would like to know how far the activities of the BBA has expanded.

Through Beej Bachao Andolan, he and his colleagues spread the knowledge of traditional farming practices and more people moving to these methods is their only motivation. Not sure about the answer? Thus, a proper crop rotation is ensured. Write to us at slowtech yourstory.

Beej Bachao Andolan, Save Seed Movement of Uttarakhand

Jubin is an old timer at YourStory. February 04, at Download the concept edition of Slow Tech magazine here. A movement to revive the old traditions of agriculture and against the agro-business policies which only benefits the rich people. Editorial Policy Disclaimer Groups. Activists of Beej Bachao Andolan. Vijay Jardhari a farmer and social activist realised that modern agriculture was destroying traditional farming.

The Chipko movement also known as the chipko andolan was a forest conservation movement. Aug 27 – 3: It has its roots in the Chipko Movement.

Aug 28 – 4: Traditionally, bewj of the villages in India depended on exchanging seeds xndolan it led to a beautiful, self-sustaining seed bank. Recent Classifieds View all. It stirred up the Indian society to address the problems of tribal and marginalized people.

BBA actively promotes the use of traditional farming methods like baranaja. Earlier there were more than varieties of rice in Garhwal before Green Revolution, now there are only Of these, tapachini and jhamcha yield about 72 quintals per hectare.


InfoChange India Agriculture website. Perched atop a beautiful hill, the house provides for a very modest life for Vijayji andolam his family, which is dedicated to the cause of ajdolan seeds. The Agriculture Department accepts that his Barahnaja scheme is being practised all over the region.

Beej Bachao Andolan (BBA) – India | The Natural Resource Management Network

Comment from Wendy Quarry, Quarry Communication. Our desire for standardisation and urge to make a better world led us to experiment with seeds and produce hybrid seeds. Along with other activists of the Chipko movement, this activist formed the BBA to promote traditional agriculture and crop varieties.


They then organised food marches as well as meetings to create awareness about the importance of protecting traditional seeds. Deeply entrenched in the Indian startup ecosystem, he is currently focused on building ‘Slow Tech’ for YourStory. He decided to discontinue the cultivation of chemical-dependent seeds. Most likely, new farmers will enter the market initially, prices for grain fall as new farmers enter the subsidized market and increase production, consolidation may occur as profit making becomes more dependent on the subsidy than the sale of the product, down stream markets become distorted by the subsidized price of the grain Our seed banks are rich.

Write a short note on chipko movement and beej bachao andolan?

Navdanya in Dehradun started by Vandana ShivaAuroville in Pondicherry has many farms working on these philosophies Solitude farmmany holistic learning centres like CFL and Mudra Farms in South India and the likes of Sikkim on a State level are thinking along these lines.

This also maintains soil fertility and replenishes nitrogen. Farmers also grew indigenous varieties like thapchini, jhumkiya, rikhwa and lal basmati. Ending the AIDS epidemic by ?