Made in Italy. Bezzera is an Italian company, exporting authentic Made in Italy around the world. All of the production phases, from assembly to final inspection, . Find great deals for Bezzera BZ02 Espresso Machine. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I read your review and am glad you are happy with the Bezzera, information has been somwhat sparse on this machine but growing. As you.

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Bezzera BZ02 Espresso Machine

Who Can Post Replies? Best wishes with yours. Even doing 10, 12oz in a 20oz pitcher is fast – about 20 seconds or less.

And it is most often seen with one wire going to the heater. I’d also suggest you recheck how long it takes to froth milk. Many moons ago, Scott asked me about espresso machines. I ordered the non-plumbed-in version on March 1 and haven’t gotten the delivery yet. I finally got that answer but alas, by that time, Scott had purchased his own espresso machine…and thus my recommendation was available a little late…at beezzera for him.

I highly recommend that you invest in a bottomless portafilter for you machine if you do not have one yet You’ve made a big step up from your previous setup. Anyone here know if I can do something on my end?


Why do you think the “thermostat” isn’t working?

Bezzera BZ02S Reviews? Comments?

No commercial posting of any nature will be tolerated; only private sales by private individuals, in the “Buy and Sell” forum. As you re-enter this amazingly complicated world, read this thread….

Share Share this post on Digg Del. Posted Tue Apr 16,4: Your crema was very pale and thin, and indication of overextraction or channeling. Visit My Website www. Nice writeup and good photos to document the problem. I couldn’t find a red button at the bottom, is it on the little bezzfra box at the bottom? SEO related posts will result in immediate ban from CoffeeGeek. The reset is not on the pstat.

My hesitation is getting that “ferrule sort of fitting” off and on again. All the dispense buttons work. Then it is secured by an inch or two of clear tape.

A flexible metal spring cold be lid over the nylon hose to avoid kinks. Next About Those Unicorns…. Posted Thu Apr 12,7: Specifically, he asked me how I liked our Francis Francis X3. Completely set at the bottom. For my work’s staff room machines,I don’t hesitate As this could be the problem if you’re using old beans you won’t get good or any crema. People love bezzfra say ‘it’s all in the baristas skill’.


That is a nice machine you have there. I’m not sure quite how you remember where stuff is your bookmark list must be a mile long but it’s truly helpful, and without the attitude some forums present Search, n00b!! Mark Prince was one of the first amateurs to get an HX machine, and he chose a Livia. What is the machine doing?

Yes sorry, its the pressurestat. My bezzera was delivered with the boiler setting 1. It’s probably a bit on the high side.

Are there special tools for this? So no, it isn’t ‘all’ the barista. I live coffee Espresso: SEO related posts will result in immediate ban from CoffeeGeek. Posted April 11, link. Congrats on your new Bezzera and Rocky! Can Photos be posted? No commercial posting of any nature will be tolerated; only private sales by private individuals, in the “Buy and Sell” forum. There are lots of reviews of the Livia 90 on CoffeeGeek and elsewhere. Will be getting a Mazzer soon to end the acquisition phase of this obsession.

The same would apply to the old Bezzera 90 or the new 02 being sold at 1st line for a killer pricewhich have the same internals.