Bir Matematikçinin SavunmasI [Original Title: A Mathematician’s Apology; T.P.S.B. No.3] by G. H. Hardy. 22 Sept Enjoyable; interesting points of view. Bir Matematikçinin Savunması. Cambridge: University Press. ISBN ( basımı). Hardy, G. H. () Ramanujan, Cambridge University. simplewiki A Mathematician’s Apology; svwiki En matematikers försvarstal; trwiki Bir Matematikçinin Savunması; zhwiki 一个数学家的辩白.

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Read this, because it puts forth another academician’s ideas about what a good contribution is. The context of a story is never as clean and self-contained as the story itself. It is fake because it is irrelevant in a given aesthetic.

Even i Since I have recommended this book to matmatikinin friends, I’d better review it for them.

May 16, spoko rated it matematikibin was ok Shelves: It has a seductive elegance that does not so much force as it does invite acceptance. I’m finally actually getting to it. I give five stars relative to my expectation – I was totally surprised how much I liked this book.

Matematikçinin Galaksi Rehberi – Martin Gardner

But that’s the majority of the value I’ve gotten from the book. It is a far finer gambit matematikinib any chess play: I doubt the less-than-stellar 50 page introduction to a page book biased me against the actual A Mathematician’s Apology. It is indeed rather astonishing how little practical value scientific knowledge has for ordinary men, how dull and commonplace such savunmxs it as has value is, and how its value seems almost to vary inversely to its reputed utility.

Mar 17, Nicolle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Srinivasa Ramanujan FRS was born today. Real life that has not been picked and chosen is not as clean as that single persuasive matematikniin with the purpose of showing you how much fun a thing can be. When a physicist or a social scientist makes a claim about reality, he or she is also making claim that is fake. It is an elitist activity. In his introduction, C.


His apology and the intro by C.

Are you planning on writing a doctorate thesis at some point? For those like myself, whose dull intellect shuts them off from these joys, this is a curious look into the psychology of such individuals. No man who truly believes that could ever be lastingly happy- especially not in old age. He highlights three important motives of a researcher without which one could not be more successful: Though at some places Hardy shows almost intolerable snobbery, I am a physicist, this book reads good and provides some food for the mind.

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Nov 12, Jake rated it liked it Shelves: But it’s far too short and superficial to be sufficient. He called their collaboration “the one romantic incident in my life. Sep 23, Roy Lotz rated it really liked it Shelves: Its attraction is precisely its special kind of absoluteness. Recently I started teaching myself to program.

This is an enlightening book, especially if you are looking to create some form of original work in academics. A Mathematician’s Apology by G. I love his discussion of elegance, and how you can do things with numbers that are elegant, and why that is a legitimate thing to strive for.

H Hardy has truly changed my perception of mathematics and mathematicians. This is a challenging novel.

When the world is mad, a mathematician may find in mathematics an incomparable anodyne. For we know it is said by a person who’s decisive abilities were decisively layed low by a heart attack which occured in Hardy’s 60th year; reminding us savunma we do not own our gifts and that they can be taken from us at any time.

Hardy is no fool to try untangling the mathematics that will come to some use and what stands savhnmas and austere. Ramanujan was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree mattematikinin research this degree was later renamed PhD in March for his work on highly composite numbers, the first part of which was published as a paper in the Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society.


Re-reading and re-writing it is a bruising, infuriating, ego-punishing business.

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Refresh and try again. Almost every book ever written more than deserves its inevitable oblivion. I was fascinated to see a mathematician’s attitude towards real life applica I got to know prof. As Hardy pointed out himself, criticisms are work of second-rate mind. Littlewood fece in modo di far trasferire Ramanujan in Inghilterra a lavorare con loro. But it is, I think, sufficient to establish the almost miraculous way in which a professional discipline can create and sustain criteria of value that are not only independent of economic or commercial imperatives, but markedly antithetical to them.

Tonic as it may be to fess up to that inadequacy, my sickness is such that I plod on anyway. Those who renounce the pursuit of worldly accomplishment often do so with other more comfortably nebulous goals in mind: If a man has any genuine talent, he s Amusing, even if it was as sad as the introduction suggested. Snow points out that Hardy’s capacity for dissimulation “was always minimial. Dec 18, Ben rated it really liked it.

One might suppose that this distinction is also arbitrary. The one thing which struck me in this novel was Hardy’s sorrow caused by old age, he seemed in mourning for the creativity and drive for mathematics that he had once held. In his Apology, G. The foreword makes me want to go out and read everything and write things down, because I have to do it all nowbecause one day I won’t be able to.