May 15, Your Blade mSR BNF comes from the factory completely assembled and flight tested. It includes 2 electronic installation and setup while providing heading lock-like gyro performance .. Spektrum DX7/DX7se. JR X programming values are shown below for the Spektrum DX6i, DX7s, DX6, DX7, DX8, the Blade mSR S DXe model setup available at Sep 25, A short course – How to Bind and Trim Your mSR Heli. The new E-flite mSR ultra micro helicopter is truly something different and exciting for RC.

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Blade mSR DX7 settings – RC Groups

Apr 19, Settingw 1 of 2. Friendly personal support should you need it. I still am digesting all the information and can’t wait to apply it, especially the fly bar modification.

I can’t wait to try out your settings on a better radio to really have a blast with this blaed helicopter. Follow along and we will show you how.

How-To Setup, Bind and Trim the Blade mSR BNF

Originally Posted by Beaver Rat You can also add in -expo on the tail for more sensitivity around the center points of the gimbal. I especially liked your explanation of toilet bowl effect and how bladee fix it.

Yeah, you can use the 1 servo setup. Blade CX trim settings on the move. You can tweak from there. Originally Posted by RocketSled Yes. I then stumbled across your e-book offering and decided for only 8 dollars to give it a try. Last edited by copperclad; Sep 06, at You can use the programmable mixes to set up a throttle hold if you want to, but if you’re going to do that, you might as well do the Heli-setup thing. Originally Posted by Kevhed You are going to have a lot of fun with this one!


Thanks for putting together such a helpful resource! Scorpion srx, nano qx JR Parkmites x 2. Send a private message to tea My mSR is now flying like new again. Hope this helps you guys. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

Blade cp DX7 – power for AR Hi cpreinfalk one of the bad habits that flying an FP heli will get you into is chopping the throttle when a crash is imminentif all you ever fly is an FP heli this is a fine responseand you do want to stop the motors as this saves the motors and ESC’s from burning out in the crash due to stalling but if you get into flying CP helis this habit will come back to bite you with throttle hold enabledyou can cut the motor just before you biff and not get back into the habit of chopping the throttlehope this makes sensecheers.

Please remember, this is an eBook and there are NO hard copies available. My RC Helicopter eBooks are here to help you with those exact problems. I soldered my new micro plug harness on the left side of the board after de-soldering and removing the stock harness from the right side of the board.

I think it is one servo. On the Servo monitor screen I noticed the pitch servo moving with the left up stick but that should be not problem, right.

You explain things well, and you seem to hit on the important things that I really need to know.

Good thing I am on holidays next week – once again, thanks! These are all market driven responses in my opinion as it depends more on the individual than the helicopter at what level you can successfully start with. That is the one I assigned to the Elev switch. I have also played with the throttle curve and tuned this to where the MSR will keep good straight and level flight around mid stick.


I’m just getting into electric micro helis bypassing the mCX, too simple and your guide has been really useful and informative for me. I need to do thatevery thing else seems good. The result is an uncontrollable heli since a separated swash has the same effect as a backward and right cyclic command, the more it is separated, the more severe the effect.

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Blade mSR Tips “Getting The Most Out Of Your Blade mSR/X & SR” eBook

Originally Posted by copperclad Hi with all due respectyou absolutely can use heli modesand many people are doing it with great successyou just have to select 1 servo normal in your swash setup screenwhich is the same as acro in that there is no servo mixingthe nice thing about using heli mode is that there are options designed for helislike throttle curveand throttle holdas opposed to acro mode where you just have V tail and flaperonscheers.

Hi Jim glad to helpi know switching to a new TX can be frustrating at firstjust holler if you get stuckcheers. If you don’t have a PDF reader you can download one for free from Adobe. I thought about adding more sub-trim but that would defeat the purpose and it probably doesn’t help that my negative expo on the rudder is set tocuz i noticed a big difference in how much more the tail motor works but its pretty well dialed in to my likings.

I found a few that did and didn’t work. Blade mSR factory settings? Does it have an effect on something else?

Chapter 7 – Maintenance, Repairs, Improvements: