An Open Letter to Boris Souvarine. Souvarine says he wants to “examine the facts from a Marxist viewpoint”. But from a Marxist viewpoint, such general and. : Stalin: A Critical Survey of Bolshevism (): Boris Souvarine: Books. Biography. Boris Souvarine. Jean‐Louis Panné. Pages Published online: 12 Nov Download citation ·

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And how can men who, after two years of this greatest world boros, give diametrically opposite answers to the supreme question of modern proletarian tactics, work faith fully side by side, within one and the same party? After the war, it was a Menshevik, Alexander Shifrin known as Max Werner, who helped Souvarine recover his library and archives that had been taken by the Germans.

The American Louguets and Pressemanes—the poor souls!

His criticisms of Stalinism were important sources for some less orthodox Trotskyists, such as C. In Petrograd, our workers voted against participation in the war industries committees the most important practical issue for us, just as important in Russia as the question of participation in the government in France.

The book came out in mid-June And yet it was the French borks had attacked England and were actually preparing to land in Ireland. And that is one of the key issues. We will forward wouvarine request to your library as soon as possible. The powerful president of the International, Grigorii Zinoviev made Souvarine a particular target of his attacks.

It was boriz until the October Revolution in Russia that he came to espouse Bolshevik views and rekindled his Russian roots. After souvadine eventual return, Souvarine threw himself into the struggle against the ambitions of the communists and against popular illusions about the Soviet Union. The former, in our opinion, have defected to the bourgeoisie. The Marxist viewpoint requires that in each individual case we define the political content of the war.

He also enjoyed close relations with several Soviet leaders, notably with the notoriously gregarious Nikolai Bukharin. These are the reasons why we do not agree with Trotsky. Souvarine was removed from his official roles within the PCF in earlyand was expelled by the Comintern in July. Every war is only the continuation of policy. I am prepared to wager that they will not, for they know only too well that if they make such a statement, they will souvrine a laughing stock in the eyes of the workers, they will be jeered boriss and driven out of the socialist parties.


Souvarine himself missed this Congress as he was in French prison at the time. Boriis from the French. That is why at Kienthal we reproached Martov with having wanted to represent the Organising Committee as a whole, whereas in fact he can represent only one of its two factions.

What kind of policy is being continued in souvadine present war? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Boris Souvarine

The First Congress of the International, held in Moscow in Marchwas sparsely attended, largely because of practical difficulties of reaching Russia. The Library wouvarine wishes to express special thanks to Professor Joseph C. The Prague Conference was of great international significance. On the one hand, there is the International of those who are helping their own governments wage the imperialist warand on the other, the International of those who are waging a revolutionary fight against the imperialist war.

But since when have revolutionaries made their policies dependent on whether they are in a majority or minority?

Boris Souvarine – IMDb

A prominent figure of historiography on the Soviet Union, he published the first biography of Stalin in The Socialist-Communist parties must attempt to create a proletarian democracy that will eliminate class by abolishing economic privilege, and of which the organs are soviets, i. Not long thereafter, however, he found himself the target of attacks, not only at home but sovarine Moscow souvagine. Souvarine was naturalized French in and he attended French public schools until the age of fourteen when he left to work in an airplane factory.

For my part, I must say that I cannot accept that. He may well have expected political winds to turn and to be able to recover his position. In Novemberwhen our Party called for a split with the opportunists[4] declaring that the split was the only correct and fitting reply to their betrayal in Augustto many that seemed to be a piece of insensate sectarianism coming from men who had completely lost all contact with real life.


He welcomed with fervour the Russian revolution inand, thanks to his Russian bilingualism, relayed the events closely to left-wing circles in France.

The request was parried by Karl Radek who insisted that it was not a national delegation but only a congress of the International which could take such steps.

As secretary of the French Committee for the Third International he was destined for high office in the Comintern. The split in the R. Liebich, Andre, and Svetlana Yakimovich.

From Communism to Anti-Communism

Boris Souvarine Papers consist in personal archives and collection materials of Aouvarine communist Boris Souvarinewho bequeathed it to the Graduate Institute alongside with a part of his personal library. In spite of his imprisonment, Souvarine played a key role in the scission of the French Socialist Party at the Congress of Tours in December InSouvarine encouraged the newly exiled writer Victor Serge to continue political activity.

Siegelbaum MSU for their contribution. Serge’s defense of Souvarine and other anti-stalinists who deviated from Trotsky’s positions was among the factors that led to distrust between Serge and Trotsky.

Souvarine’s journalistic reputation grew rapidly during the war years as a talented, subtle writer and skillful polemicist. It is not true that France is waging this —17 war for freedom, national independence, democracy, and so on Feel free to give our address: Obviously, it was belittled by orthodox communists as well as by those who still put their faith in the Soviet experiment even as it was touted by anti-communist forces then and later.

Guesde said at the time:. OpenEdition is a web platform for electronic publishing and academic communication in the humanities and social sciences. Socialists always side with the oppressed and, consequently, cannot be opposed to wars whose purpose is democratic or socialist struggle against oppression.

He also criticized Lenin.

But I must admit that I expected arguments of another kind from Ledebour.