Though few can equal her skill with the sword, Caledonia MacNeely fights an unfamiliar shiver when she is offered in marriage to the infamous “Lord Sin. Kinley MacGregor’s latest offering, Born In Sin, is a redemption story, and quite a good one, as it happens. If there were a little more to it, it could. The second of the MacAllister brothers books by Kinley Macgregor, Born in Sin is the story of Sin MacAllister. Sin is dark and brooding, both.

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Posted by Marg at 9: I was teary-eyed and had this big idiotic grin on my face, just knowing that Sin knew he’s loved and admired by people around him and he was accepted just as he is.

This was a beautiful book. I love them for all the odds they beat. Meantime, Henry threatened, wheedled and manipulated Sin to marry her so that he can command her clan. Although it could probably still be read as a standalone, the others are also good reads so why not enjoy them all! Resigned to the marriage, Sin has been looking for a solution to performing the Kings command and not alienate the people he will be set to rule over once the marriage is performed.

I was so glad when he admits to himself as well as her that he loves her. January 15 to February 14, ! I had to write something personally to Sin.

I gave 4 stars only for some small reasons: A wonderful story for an amazing man. Overall, I really liked this book. Marg March 04, 5: From that point, his life goes from horrible to unbearable.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Reading challenges I find it very difficult to resist a challenge! A lot of historical romance heroines are nothing without their men, in fact, I have seen in writing many a heroine say that.


Here, when they visit Ravenswood, these two seen together though if someone hadn’t read MoD before, won’t know about their past. I also found myself getting lost when I visited her website trying to connect the characters. Books by Kinley MacGregor. They do not spend enough time building the tension, working out the problems, or other important matters. The secondary best friend of our hero and other heroes from other books, Simon, informs us over and over and over of Sins woes.

Callie is a likable character, although perhaps not as well-realized as Sin, because most of the emphasis is on him. All the books I babble about here, I have purchased with my own money.

The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader: Born in Sin by Kinley Macgregor

Read reviews that mention kinley macgregor sherrilyn kenyon lords of avalon master of desire dark hunter king henry sword of darkness born in sin historical romance lady emily hunter series monty python really enjoyed look forward brotherhood of the sword king arthur claiming the highlander knight of darkness avalon series story line. Henry is having magregor with Scotland, but he comes up with a solution.

Sin MacAllister’s life has been the stuff of nightmares. Though Callie fears this mysterious knight—less for the dark whispers that damn him than for the burning desire he invokes—she is under order of the English King. There is just no way Sin should have forgiven his step-mother for all the stuff she did to him. He tries to stay away from her, can’t and loads of angst later HEA. Thousands of books are eligible, including current and former best sellers.

And this sexy knight could portray Sin rather convincingly as well. The writing was well done and I really enjoyed getting to catch up with characters from the previous books. About Me SidneyKay View my complete profile.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. View all 6 comments. Lady Emily wants a husband but her father refuses to let his daughters wed because he lost his wife and two eldest daughter in bearing a child. Because everyone who knows him tells us.

Lists with This Book. They call him the devil who eats little children for supper.

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This let-me-sacrifice-myself-no-let-me moment struck me as pretty old school writing or maybe even just lazy. He’ll never be worthy of a better life, be a better man whom a woman like Callie could love. Callie has unsuccessfully tried to escape with her young brother to her beloved highlands and Callie’s latest attempt brings her to the attention of the ferocious warrior, Sin. I must tell that this hero SIN would be one of the most tortured heroes. She did not let her loyalty to her family stand between Sin and her.

October 15, to November 14, !! Pain, torture, starvation, and fear for his own life were his constant companions. I could go on and on about the story, as much happens when Sin is forced to return to the Scotland he hates, with the wife he knows will eventually betray him like everyone else – but I should probably let you read the story yourself rather than have me continue to tell it to you.

On the good side, I loved the characters especially Simon who gave the light heartness much needed in this story. Movie Lists Hey Wait a Minute!