Boy Proof. by Cecil Castellucci. A girl who calls herself Egg, wears a homemade cloak to school everyday, and obsesses over sci-fi movies. Debut author Castellucci gives voice to a memorable teenage narrator, Victoria Jurgen, living in Hollywood. A senior at Melrose Prep, she has. “Boy Proof,” written by author, Cecil Castellucci, is a novel that tells the story of Victoria “Egg” Jurgen and her journey of self-discovery and acceptance. In the first.

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Death Comes for the Archbishop Vintage Classics.

Order our Boy Proof Study Guide. They are divorced, and Egg hates her mother because, well, she can. She is brilliantly intelligent, has the highest grades in her school, knows all about science fiction books and movies.

He’s older, well-traveled, and “different. Egg is the all time, essential high school geek heroine. Of course, I loved it.

She splits her time between the heart and the head and lives north and south of everything. The Force Awakens Moving Target: Guess which category this book falls into? I saw Cecil Castellucci at the West Hollywood Book Fair, and went over to say hi, because we’re both supporters of WriteGirl an awesome creative writing mentoring nonprofit in Los Angeles.

I picked it up because the author was also involved in the P. I’m glad my YA cherry was popped by Boy Proof. So while it wasn’t enjoyable to rehash my own personal misery by reading this book, it did make me realize that this sort of stuff is almost NEVER really present in YA fic. Cecil Castelluci have written a novel that easily explore some of the lives of introverted people and how they just keep silent not just because they don’t know how to socialize but because if they keep on talking on what is in their great minds, other people will surely not understand.


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She not only aces her AP classes, is photographer for the school paper and a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, she has also seen the movie Terminal Earth 42 times and calls herself “Egg,” after the heroine in the movie. I highly recommend it. The theme is very well honed and plays out throughout this book about changing your yb.

When she started to appreciate Max in his artistry and talent and weirdness, she started questioning herself with her being alone. Jul 14, Kayla rated it it was ok. Kirkus Reviews calls Boy Proof “an unusual, successful, appealing effort from first-time novelist Cecil Castellucci.

Apr 14, laaaaames rated it really cscil it. And about feeling boy proof though unlike her, I don’t intentionally try to make this happen And I do enjoy characters who are quirky or eccentric; those characters who are off-the-beaten-path so to speak. For contemporary teens she take the place of Beverly Cleary. Elizabeth Nightmare on Bookstreet.


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prlof I could definitely relate to some of Egg’s conflicting feelings of wanting ny be invisible vs wanting to be noticed. Jun 14, Reddish rated it really liked it Shelves: Don’t have a Kindle? A Time Magazine Best Young Adult Books of All Time Selection “This novel’s funny first-person narrative will grab teens and not just sci-fi fans with its romance and the screwball special effects. A nerd who shaves her head, Victoria prefers to be called Egg, after her favorite character is the sci-fi movie Terminal Earth.

The mc is a 16 year old senior because she skipped a grade and part of what makes her life miserable is that she’s immature.

Short, contained and good, hitting a lot of the right themes. Die Byo Victoria “Egg” war furchtbar. Egg’s first impression of Max is that he stinks, literally. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Please try again later. Egg’s unique style is fashioned after her favorite character from the movie Terminal Earth, which she has seen multiple times and as many as four times in one day.