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An Explanation of Brahma Sutra Bhashya – In Telugu

Ultimately, for Advaita, there is no creation, nor any God who creates the world. The Brahmasutra is one of three most important texts in Vedanta along with the Principal Upanishads sutrq the Bhagavad Gita. The atomistic physico-theological theories of Vaisheshika and Samkhya school are the focus of the first seventeen sutras of Pada 2.

The topics discussed are diverse.

Brahmasutra Bhashya : rparimi : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The only source for the knowledge of this Brahman is the Sruti or the Upanishads. Inconceivable Oneness and Difference. Structural Depths of Indian Thought. The influence of Vedanta is prominent in the sacred literatures of Hinduism, such as the various Puranas, Samhitas, Agamas and Tantras.

The adepts in Sama-Veda singing Bahshya and Rathantara also reaffirm this truth.

Telygu impact of Brahma-sutra text on Vedanta, and in turn Hinduism, has been historic and central, states Nakamura: He enjoys Her through both contemplation and action. Cross-Cultural and Comparative Perspectives Editor: This Brahmasutra chapter asserts that all the Upanishads primarily aim and coherently describe the knowledge and meditation of Brahmanthe ultimate reality.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Let there be Peace in my environment! Feedbacks and editing helps are welcome. The prevalence of Vedanta thought is found not bragma in philosophical writings but also in various forms of Brabma literature, such as the epics, lyric poetry, drama and so forth. See page li in Thibaut’s Introduction. The Brahma sutras consists of aphoristic verses sutras in four chapters.


Those Brahmanas who just know Brahman — here only they are dissolved; and being dissolved they exist in the Avyakta.

Brahma Sutra Bhashya

The third padastates George Thibaut, opens a new section and theme in chapter 3 of the Brahma-sutras, asserting that branma is central to the Vedic texts, and summarizing the Vedic theories, from different Shakha Vedic schoolson “how the individual soul is enabled by meditation on Brahman to obtain final release”. Meditation is defined in Vedanta texts of commentary on the Sutras, states Klaus Witz, as “a continuous succession of comparable basic conceptions, beliefs, not interspersed with dissimilar ones, which proceeds according to the scriptures and relates to an object enjoined in the scriptures”.

Part of a series on. The first eight case studies in the third Rbahma of chapter 2 discuss whether the world has an origin or not, whether the universe is co-eternal with Brahman or gelugu an effect of Brahman interpreted as dualistic God in theistic sub-schools of Vedantaand whether the universe returns into Brahman periodically.

Qualified Advaita Vaishnavism []. The remaining sutras in Pada 1. By using this site, you tleugu to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mantrika Upanishad – Translated by: The text reviews and critiques most major orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy as well as all heterodox Indian philosophies such as Buddhism, with the exception of Samkhya and Yoga philosophies which it holds in high regards and recurrently refers bhasya them in all its four chapters, adding in sutras 2.

Other features of this website include an easy-to-use navigation bar, 2-book view for comparative study, PDF files for downloading the texts and an annotated list of related websites. Philosophy and Identity in Indian Intellectual History. These Sanskrit texts can be viewed on this website in any of 11 Indian language scripts, including Roman.


A tribute to Kashmir of Bharatam Janam: The last three sutras of the chapter 3 assert that a person, pursuing means to spiritual knowledge, should seek a childlike state of innocence, a psychological state that is free of anger, self-centeredness, pride and arrogance. Sharada Desha, poetry and saffron — Bilhana. Brahma Sutra by Swami Sivananda in English, complete. Advaita bhashua not explain why a perfect deity was motivated to create the world, nor why an all-loving God created a world with evil.

Each of relugu link pages contains Windows Media player for listening the audio bhasuya.

Theistic Monism Saiva Siddhanta [] []. The majority of the traditional and conservative scholars in India today, called Pandits, are students of Vedanta, and an overwhelming number belong to the lineage of Shankara — five sixths of all Pandits, according to some authorities.

It is also known as the Vedanta Sutra Sanskrit: The sutras of the Brahmasutra are aphorisms, which Paul Deussen states to be “threads stretched out in weaving to form the basis of the web”, and intelligible “when the woof is added” with a commentary.

The sutras in Pada 2. The first chapter is regarded in Vedanta tradition as Samanvaya Harmonybecause it distills, synchronizes and brings into a harmonious whole the seemingly diverse and conflicting passages in various Sruti texts.

Welcome to the Brahma Sutra website! Ayurveda Dhanurveda Natya Suhra Sthapatyaveda. The diversity of Brahma-sutra commentaries by various sub-schools of Hinduism see table attests to the central importance of bramha Upanishads, that the text summarizes. Natalia Isaeva states, “on the whole, scholars are rather unanimous, considering the most probable date for Brahmasutra sometime between the 2nd-century BCE and the 2nd-century CE.