Analysis of self exploration in Bernice Friesen’s Brother Dear. This story focuses on the lives of Sharlene and Greg, a sister and brother who both share similar. Brian Van-Huynh “Brother Dear” by Bernice Friesen In the short story Brother Dear, Bernice Friesen introduces the antagonistic relationship a parent and child . The character that I have chosen to reflect on identity with from the short story, ” Brother Dear” is Greg. Greg’s current situation is different in his.

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It can reveal their personality in a way that shows if they are outgoing or shy. We will write a custom essay sample on Brother Dear specifically for you. How to Write a Summary of an Article?

In the end, Greg has defined his own success, which links his ambition and passion to dictate his own life. In addition, the criesen suggests that success can come in various forms, but each form is unique to each person. Because it shows what kinds of choices they make and the type of person they are.

Brother Dear by Bernice Friesen by Jovina Juana on Prezi

Not only does this create a predicament between two individuals but also draws in the whole family as it becomes the topic of discussion. This story takes place vy Greg comes home from university, where his Dad had paid for his tuition, and had planned for Greg to study law.

brotheer I also want to go on many humanitarian trips within my lifetime in third-world countries. Sharlene, who is in grade 11, parallels the conflict between the ideals of success based on her brother and father.

Because of his decision of not being able to make it, it caused his dad to become really mad at him. The story takes vernice when Greg comes home from university, where in which his Dad had paid for his tuition, and had planned for Greg to study pre-law and to get good grades. The things that brought him joy were the things that made him his own person, not what he brought joy to other people. A persons decisions can change the their life by how they look at different situations.


Please answer the following three questions as they pertain to the short story, “Brother Dear” by Bernice Friesen. For example in brother dear when greg and his dad were fighting, his dad was mad at the fact that he quit schooling and all the bad things he has done. How do the decisions and actions of characters reveal their personalities? This only pushes Greg away more from caring about school, and the experience of university life itself has changed the perspective of Greg’s life.

People have diffrent opinions about what is happening in diffrent parts of the story.

For example when greg makes the decision to quit dar and become a tree planter it shows that in his personality he cares more for the environment then schooling maybe. The choices you make will be with you forever from making a good decision to a bad one and it all comes down to anger making you do things you dont really want to do.

Brother Dear – Ms. Mahoney’s English Class

If someone was having a bad life like doing drugs and everything like that, they could turn it around and get a job and be sucessfull in life. This kind of concerns his family, but also his whole personality had changed as a whole.

How to Write a Thematic Essay. She is caught between two contrasting approaches on life where agreeing with her father or supporting her brother Greg are her only options. English 11 October 11, at When Greg lashes back saying that his family is too materialistic and wastes money on unnecessary items, his passion is revealed and portrayed through his actions and words.


How to Write Essay in Third Person.

Brother Dear

Sharlene’s life is changed when she realizes she shouldnt be scared to follow her dreams and she decides she’s going to do it. The perspective in which Greg now sees things is different than what his family values. They could get a criminal record and could maybe stop them from being allowed out of friesn country.

Greg is introduced to be a rebellious character that does not take orders from anyone. A persons decisions and actions can change a persons life because if someone were to say no or yes to something they did want to do they would either do somthing wrong or do somthing right. Nevertheless, Greg believes that he is old enough to make his own decisions and benefit from them. Just thinking fruesen a good way for you to ask me questions and interact with classmates Bernicd thinks his decisions are going to have a positive impact on his fututre other wise he will not have done it but his dad on the other hand strongly disagrees with him.

If you do something you can’t go back therefor if you make a bad friesej you will have to make up up for it by working hard.