This Service Manual is intended for use by service personnel and details the construction, theory of operation, and maintenance for the Brother machines. Mfccw Repair Manual. One sort of brother mfc cw service manual is the fact that which includes a technical device. It may help explain installation. One sort of brother laser printer service manual is that which features service manual that you’ll require. SERVICE MANUAL BROTHER MFC CW. Brother .

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Margin adjustments for borderless printing D: This assures paper buckling to separate the paper from the inner chute, preventing paper from lifting from the platen. Servvice the LCD type if the 3.

Page 76 Disc valve S Brothr intake port Ink empty sensor Sensor actuator Ink supply port InkBackflowPrevention Disc valve D Discrimination of ink cartridge type When the user is inserting an ink cartridge into the machine, a part of the cartridge interrupts the light paths of the ink cartridge detection sensor servce ink empty sensor both are photosensors of transparent typewhich are mounted on the ink refill assembly as shown on the next page.

Link gear holder DX ASSY for duplex print models 2 If the ink absorber box has not been removed, pull out the main drain tube from the ink absorber box. Inkabb levalasztom a nagy fogyasztot, a kemencet, kicserelem a lampat egy v-osra es direkt adok neki halozati feszt, a tapot meg a csomagban kapott 50w-os adapterrel taplalom v-al.

Do not remove the ink absorber box unless it needs to be replaced. Document feed roller 15 Lightly press the lock arms on the lower ADF chute and slide two bushings “a” on the document feed roller shaft outwards.


No alarm 0 1: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Page 69 Ink spray function The head employs drop-on-demand ink-jet printing. ECM requested although not allowed. WSW30 Function setting 8 Not used. Thick paper and envelopes Other types of paper Mwnual driver in printing from the PC Paper type setting in copying and printing via PhotoCapture Center.


Operating Procedure Do not start this function merely after powering on the machine but start it after carrying out a sequence of scanning operation. Page 6490ccw encoder strip 1 While lightly pushing the CR encoder strip support on the left end of the engine unit inwards, unhook the right end of the CR encoder strip from the hook 2 Slide the CR encoder strip to the left and out of the head cover. Unidirectional print for higher print quality The machine prints bidirectionally by default.

Amnual WSW40 V. Lifting up the ASSY without fully opening it in step 5 opens the hinge arm L suddenly and unexpectedly with great force.

Brother DCP6690CW Service Manual

Dual tone detection frequency in ICM recording Not used. Lock arms Latch “a” Black ink print mode If any color ink runs out, printing is no longer possible by default.

Page Appendix 7. Consisting of thin piezoelectric plates laminated together, this plate can be driven even by a low voltage. This prevents the ink supply tubes from servvice crushed between the upper and lower covers. Error codes for all models Error Code Symptom Probable Cause Solution Hex Cannot identify the type Ink cartridge not loaded Reload the corresponding ink servkce the ink cartridge correctly cartridge. Firmware Switches WSW This appendix servkce the functions maanual the firmware switches, which can be divided into two groups: Then release latch “b” from the document cover with the tip of a flat screwdriver and remove the ADF rear cover.

Models with numerical keypad on the control panel: Pull either the left or right end of the outer back cover outwards and downwards and setvice the corresponding boss from the LT cover. Assembling Notes When mounting the duplex unit on the lower cover, follow the steps below.


ON recommendation Not used. The sensor actuator spring comes off. After the machine prints on the top face of the recording paper, the duplex print mechanism for duplex print models detailed on page drives the DX flapper in the duplex unit to switch the recording swrvice path and then drives the switchback roller SB roller to switch back the recording paper that has just been printed on its top face and ejected temporarily to the duplex unit toward the DX paper tray 1.

Page 14 To adjust the bottom margin, enter the measured value brothe units of 0. Page 14 Take out the ink supply tubes routed on the lower cover.

Page Total Check Pattern A: Page 2 Turn the scanner cover right side up. Ink Supply Tubes Ink refill assembly components and their main roles – Ink refill case – Cartridge release levers – Ink refill base and its foam – Ink cartridge detection sensors on the ink cartridge detection sensor PCB – Ink empty sensors on the ink empty sensor PCB – Ink foam and its case Pushing each ink cartridge into the ink refill case until it clicks secures it and forces the cartridges’ ink supply port into close contact with the ink refill base to prevent ink leakage.

Detection of distinctive ringing 0: An individual ink cartridge also has a “manufacturing information label. Next press the key four times. The cleaning kit does not come with the machine. PCB to be unusable.

Ink cartridges 1 Check that all of four ink cartridges are loaded.