BUZ 73 L. V. 7 A. Ω. TO AB. CSA2. Maximum Ratings. Parameter. Symbol. Values. Unit. Continuous drain current. TC = 28 °C. ID. 7. A. BUZ73 from Motorola Solutions, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. BUZ73 Datasheet, BUZ73 PDF, BUZ73 Data sheet, BUZ73 manual, BUZ73 pdf, BUZ73, datenblatt, Electronics BUZ73, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, .

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A basic type number consists of: Generally, the drain-source on-state resistance R DS on is measured in the saturation range. Should the source connection potential be located above the one of the drain connection, the transistor will function as a bipolar diode; i. It is available in a wide range of sizes with several possible options: The simple user interface is comprised of a resync button to synchronize the timer, a bypass switch to bypass the timer if bua73, and two status indicator LEDs.

As long as the drain voltage is darasheet than the gate voltage, the input capacitance is determined by the relatively large Miller capacitance and finally be- comes linear.

It is designed to be used by people who are not technically inclined. This datassheet the turn-on process; after that, no input current flows any longer.

N-Channel MOSFETs (20V…300V) Power Transistor Power MOSFETs

Standards 13 Technical Information 14 1. The circuit consists of a power supply, a capacitor back-up circuit, a Atmel ATtiny12 microcontroller as a timer, and solid state realy circuit to switch the AC voltage in the doorbell circuit.


Surface Position shiny blackened vertical 0. Test circuits 26 6.

BUZ73 Infineon Technologies, BUZ73 Datasheet

The minimum characteristic represents only a lower spread presently determined in production. Repeated bending of the leads should be avoided. The Miller capacitor is charged: Kebon Sirih 4 P. The time required for this depends on the input current available. This terminates the switching process. In or- der to protect the transistors from static charges during shipping, they are delivered in anti-static packaging. This makes it easy to change the timer’s cycle at any time by merely reaching up and pressing the button on the top of the box cover removed for the photograph.

The sensitivity to static charg- es increases with decreasing chip area and the resulting, smaller input capacitance C ss. Choisissez Timken pour prendre l’avantage sur vos concurrents et vous poser en leader de votre secteur d’activit. Box Taipei 5 3 6 31 71,03 2 7 8 60 tai engco Thailand B. Due to the special chip structure, and the positive temperature coefficient of R os onSIPMOS transistors show no second breakdown across the total range of the maximum ratings.

Terms alphabetical 12 4. Head Office 1 A, Dr. Smaller thickness will cause heat sink deformation which is impermissible for the heat transition.

Buz73 datasheet pdf

This disadvantage, however, is compensated by higher speed, simpler drive circuitry, compatibility with integrated circuits, etc. The nut must always be at the mounting plate side an should be secured by a spring washer DIN Electrical characteristics 23 3. The mounting torque should not exceed 60 Ncm with the insulated construction.

T 5 The transistor is fully conductive and does not yet function as a Miller integrator, but the ex- cess charge in C mimax is already being discharged.


This again results in extremely low R DS on values. Optimum design and trend-setting new discoveries in MOS technology resulted in new power transistors with hitherto unknown switching characteristics. This letter has no fixed meaning, with the following exceptions: Eltec Siemens House Industrial estate 3 f. Type designation code 10 1.

No warranties, use these pages at your own risk. Dick Cappels’ project pages http: The transistor can be destroyed by even momentary voltage spikes. Siemens Division United Centre, 2th floor P. One drawback is, that the on-state resistance of transistors with breakdown voltages above V is higher than the equivalent values for bipolar transistors of the same size. Absolute maximum ratings 22 2.

The resistance R G is the gate resistance resulting from the internal datasheer of the transistor. The output voltage drops rapidly, as the Miller capacitance is small. The on-state resistance decreases more slowly. The heart of the circuit is the ATtiny12 programmed to time 24 hour cycles.

The attainable breakdown voltage is not limited by the gate geometry. Screw tools must not touch the plastic dwtasheet. This current, however, is only re- quired during the switching process.

A comma in the outline drawings and tables as well as in the individual data sheets represents the decimal point.