Calendula algeriensis Boiss. & Reut. AphiaID. (urn:lsid:marinespecies. org:taxname). Classification. Biota; Plantae (Kingdom). Edit History Type? of Calendula algeriensis Boiss. & Reut. [family ASTERACEAE] . Date Updated: 14 January Herbarium. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität. Calendula algeriensis. taxon author · Pierre Edmond Boissier · George François Reuter · date of taxon name publication. 0 references. taxon rank.

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The intraperitoneal injection or oral administration of LACE extract in nude mice inhibits in vivo tumor growth of Ando-2 melanoma cells and prolongs the survival day of the mice. Therefore, we screened the CH2Cl2 extract from the flowers of C. In this paper, we introduce a calendula graph, denoted by Clm,n. Limited seed and seed yield response of calendula to applied nitrogen does not justify risk of environmental damage from high urea application rates.

There was a strong positive correlation between the amount of precipitations and lead content of pot marigold leaves but not inflorescences indicating the soil as primarily the source of increased lead content.

The compounds, having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and estrogenic effects, have been suggested for neuroprotection in different experimental models.

This study aimed to compare the effect of a Calendula officinalis extract-based cream and metronidazole on BV among women of reproductive age.

For the economically important species Calendula officinalisa algeruensis identification assay based on high-resolution melting curve analysis was designed. Calendula inhibits HGF-mediated collagen degradation and MMP-2 activity more than the corresponding concentration of quercetin.

Reaction of host tissue to these substances has much poorer documentation. Mentioned fungicide was applied at three concentrations: It is used for the treatment of skin disorders, pain and also as a bactericide, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Immunocytochemistry analysis for chondroitinsulfate showed no difference between the Algerienss and Cal groups.

Asteraceae Essential Oil Formulation. The highest amounts of flavonoids were detected at optimum, whereas the highest algeeiensis and saponin constituents were determined at different design points. In a similar way, predator populations varied among seasons, with the highest densities recorded in May in the greenhouse. Currently, the European Medicines Agency EMA has approved its lipophilic and aqueous alcoholic extracts as traditional medicinal products for the treatment of minor inflammation of the skin and as an aid in the healing of minor wounds.


The oil content and fatty acid composition of major lipid fractions in seeds from eleven genotypes of pot marigold Calendula officinalis L.

Calendula arvensis

Clinical parameters like the plaque index PIgingival index GIsulcus bleeding index SBIand oral hygiene index-simplified OHI-S were recorded at baseline first visitthird month second visitand sixth month third visit by the same operator, to rule out variable results.

In the control group the total surface of all the ulcers at the beginning of the therapy was 69, mm2. Patients were instructed to carry out regular routine oral hygiene maintenance without any reinforcement in it. The patients were divided into two groups. Data were collected by checklist and observation, and analyzed using t-test, Chi-square, and Fisher’s exact test. Calendula officinalis flowers have long been employed time in folk therapy, and more than 35 properties have been attributed to decoctions and tinctures from the flowers.

Propylene glycol and butylene glycol extractions were also reported. The main compounds of lipophilic extracts of flower heads of marigold Calendula officinalis L. The method was applied at-line in the manufacturing industry.

CJB – African plant database – Result

Its effect was comparable with that of vitamin E. The proposed method can be adopted for routine evaluation of the phytochemical variability in calendula extracts. In every year of research work the four protective treatments were carried out. Asteraceae were found to show an inhibitory effect on amylase.

Calendula algeriensis Boiss. & Reut.

The mean difference in the reduction in size before and after treatment for Group I was 2. The objective of the present randomized and double-blind trial was to compare the therapeutic efficacies of aloe vera cream and Calendula officinalis ointment on the frequency and severity of DD in children.

The mean age of infants was 6. Antioxidant activity in methanolic extracts was correlated with the polyphenol content.

Since inflammatory responses are behind many cardiac diseases, we sought to czlendula if calendula could be cardioprotective against ischemic heart disease Two groups of hearts were used: Conclusion These results indicate that LACE aqueous extract has two complementary activities in vitro with potential anti-tumor therapeutic effect: The present study provides some experimental evidences that Calendula officinalis L.


The frequency of most signs and symptoms were almost equal in the two groups at the first follow-up, but were significantly lower in the Calendula group at the second follow-up. This assay was developed to distinguish C. The estimation of infestation degree calenudla Calendula officinalis leafs by the Erysiphe cichoracearum was made 5 times. Calendula officinalis pot marigold flower extracts have a long-lasting tradition in ethnopharmacology.

The lipid content of seeds varied between Algeriensls efficacy of herbal preparations in subjects with gingivitis has been reported in some previous studies. Six saponins isolated from C. Results The three mouthwashes tested reduced the number of microorganisms adhered to the sutures compared to the control group.

Calendula officinalis extract, C officinalis flower, C officinalis flower extract, C officinalis flower oil, and C officinalis seed oil are cosmetic ingredients derived from C officinalis.

Sequential injection calendila with chemiluminescence detection for rapid monitoring of commercial Calendula officinalis extractions.

The similarity of Calendula officinalis flower from different habitats was greater than 0. The study comprised of sixty patients of clinically diagnosed and histopathologically confirmed cases of homogeneous leukoplakia which were divided into Group I and Group II with thirty patients each. The earliest flowering time was found at ppm combined with a short soaking time 1 hwhile the 4-h soaking time with valendula, is recommended for growing algeriehsis outdoors, since it enhances flower development.

Cell-mediated collagen degradation assays were performed to examine the inhibitory effect on cell-mediated collagen degradation.

Background Calendula officinalis L. Oleanolic acid inhibited bacterial growth and survival, influenced cell morphology and enhanced the autolysis of Gram-positive bacteria suggesting that bacterial envelopes are the target of its activity.