In this book – a condensed and up to date report of his research and exploration – Carlo Dorofatti goes deeper into the core content of his studies, using the. Vibrare altrove: La trasmutazione delle energie sessuali e il mistero della seconda nascita (Italian Edition). Jul 25, by Carlo Dorofatti. Download Audiobooks by Carlo Dorofatti to your device. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. Your first book is Free with trial!.

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Carlo Dorofatti

Magic has but one dogma, namely, that the seen is the measure of the unseen. Since there are different doctrinal bodies there are also different types of initiatic schools. A sentence or two written many years ago by William Quan Judge in his pamphlet An Epitome of Theosophy express so exactly the impression to be conveyed that it is convenient to quote: Gallery of the 1 Edition.

It is a form of energy by whose adroit manipulation one can affect the outward appearances, that is to say dotofatti physical phenomena which are its reflection in the grossest world of illusion, that is to say, the world we know. It is only ‘cultivated’ in the sense of having a vehicle prepared for its use, into which is may descend. Within the same material Newton mentions that according to ancient sources, Atlantis had been as big as all Europe, Africa and Asia, but was sunk into the Sea.

His ideas on the subject were rather similar to those of Ignatius Donnelly — Atlantis in the Atlantic with the Azores as its remnants. It is that true and clean point inside of us representing our real essence.


If, from a certain point of you, the existence of different teachings may look like a division or a sort of fracture between those are pursuing the same aim of the self-realization, on the other hand it is fear to allow everybody to follow its own particular way. Published June 10, Aleister Crowley, The Elixir of Life: Enough of these,’ Merrin whispered, ‘and we have no need of Carrlo to manage our wars; these we manage for ourselves.

It is the deep matrix of our comprehension and real happiness. Theurgy and the exponents of the Eastern mysticisms are thus in complete accord on the fundamental theoretical principles. It has nothing to do with anti-matter and is a profound and complete antithesis: He was a 33 rd degree mason and in founded the Philosophical Research Society. Not content with that he then proceeded to discuss Lemuria and Mu dorofstti the discredited James Churchward.

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But one cannot say the same of incredulity… [ We need to use both the cerebral hemispheres to approach all these evidences. Esoteric traditions, Traditional and modern spiritual paths, Ancient myths, Spiritual healing traditions, Metaphysics and Multi-Dimensional Esoteric Physics, Ufology and related phenomena, Meditation and personal growth techniques.

The whole of the knowledge that leads towards the real and complete inner Self-Realization of the Being is handed down by the initiatic schools. Meditation does not clash with action. However, there is a part of our soul from which the exchange and the communication between us and everything surrounding us proceeds cqrlo grows up.


All the authentic initiatic schools are always respectful of the free will and of all the choices of life. Since I created the Cralo Centre and the Prana Centre as well underlining my relationship with Thelema, many people ask to me which is the link between pranatherapy or pranic-healing and Magick, Current 93 and Master Therion’s teaching.

He was also arguably the first to develop calculus as well as producing a ground-breaking work on optics, however, he also had his failures, such as spending twenty fruitless years experimenting with alchemy d.

Will, love, and imagination are magic powers that everyone possesses; and whoever knows how to develop them to their fullest extent is a magician.

This is the Dew of Immortality. It may be described merely as the intelligent utilization of forces which are unknown, contemned, or misunderstood of the vulgar. When you are fully aware and serene, even your action changes in nature: International Conference on Ancient Studies.

In this period he had the opportunity to visit dorofatit communities around the world, extending his knowledge of human spirituality applied to social projects.

Therefore it promotes the discussion, the critical judgment and the thought. Dorofatti has a website in English and Italian b.