Carte tehnica(maintenance). Transcript. 79>?6, -+:3>96?6. -+:3>96?6 / -+:3>96?6 0 -+:3>96?6 1 /7 7/-+ +6 79>93/ 7+8?+6¤. View and Download Daewoo MATIZ service manual online. MATIZ Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: My Daewoo Matiz este o mașină din clasa mini produsă de constructorul sud- coreean de automobile Daewoo din anul A înlocuit Daewoo Tico, care era o.

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Connect the lower radiator hose and drain the cool- ant.

D Tighten the starter solenoid nut to 9—12 NSm 80— lb-in b. Synchronizer Hub and Sleeve Inspection D Check the sleeve for improper operation after assem- bling the hub and the sleeve. D Remove the side bolts 2. D Insert the differential right side bearing 2. Tshnica the Freeze Frame data to deter- or short darte.

D Tighten the oil level plug to NSm 26—40 lb- ft b. Install the rack and pinion boots clamp.

Car service manuals

D Remove the collar from the rotor shaft 3. Is DTC P stored in memory? Third gear and synchronizer ring. Go to Step 2 1. D Remove the counter shaft bearing outer race us- ing a hammer and the gear, bearing installer DW — Install the master cylinder assembly with the nuts. If an in- sary. D Install the inner bearing 1. The turning angle is the angle of each front wheel to the To determine the included angle, subtract the negative vertical when the vehicle is making a turn.


Go to Step 10 Check for a short to ground wire between the fuel pump relay connector terminal 85 and the ECM — connector terminal D Remove the reverse idle gear from the shaft. After stopping the engine, wait for a few minutes to DA accumulate oil into the oil pan. D Poor adjustment of parking brake D Adjust the parking brake cable. Inspect for bent pushrods, worn rocker arms, — — broken or weak valve springs, and a worn camshaft. D Install the side cover plate 1. Inspect the in-tank fuel filter for restriction.

Hang the front muffler to rubber hanger. Remove the transaxle lower bolt and nut.

DC D Remove the oil seal 2. If overpressed, the gear teeth may be damaged. D Remove the hub bolts using a hammer 5. Hydraulic Modulator Unit 6. D Excessive rotor run out. D Install the select lever. If the pressure held by the cooling system pressure tester falls below 80kPa Inspect the routing of the ignition wires.


D Remove the inner tapered roller bearing 3. Tighten Tighten the bolts to 18—28 NSm 13—21 lb-ft c. D Test the stator for an open circuit by using the ohm- meter 1.

D Remove the inner cover 3. D Physical damage to the wiring harness.

D The ball seal is cut. Power Booster Servo Force Ratio — 3. Clean the inside and the outside of the surge tank and the surge tank cap with soap and water. Perform a cylinder compression test. D Remove the pin using a pin punch and a hammer 1. Defectiuni tipice ale motorului.

Remove the fifth—reverse gear shift shaft.

Manual auto Daewoo Matiz

Go to Step carhe Go to Step 10 1. Turn the ignition ON. As fluid is reapplied to the wheel, they begin to slow down.