View and Download Casio Exilim EX-V8 user manual online. Exilim EX-V8 Digital Camera pdf manual download. only • Read online or download PDF • Casio EXILIM EX S User Manual. EXV8. Megapixel Compact Digital Camera. EXS Megapixel Ultra. The Casio Exilim EX-V8 is Casio’s second ultra-compact, ultra-zoom In macro and manual modes, you can focus on subjects as close as

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Have a look at our photo galleryprinting a few photos if you can.

Page 46 Use the following procedure to adjust the sharpness of subject outlines in your images. Specifying the Metering Mode The metering mode determines what part of the subject is metered for exposure. Wide angle isn’t wide enough Non-standard icons can be confusing Lack of a grip makes camera harder to hold Heavy barrel and pincushion distortion Noise suppression blurs detail even at the lowest ISO setting Highlights tend to blow out in daylight High chromatic aberration at wide angle Poor Auto White Balance performance Flash insufficient for mm zoom Print quality degrades quickly as ISO exlim Sluggish power-on time Slightly below average battery life Slow continuous mode at full resolution.

Checking The Flash Mode Red-eye reduction Using the flash to shoot at night or in a dimly lit room can cause red spots inside the eyes of people who are in the image.

  82C55AC 2 PDF

Shutter priority is the opposite of this — you manually set the shutter speed. Don’t have an account? But wait, there’s more.

The Casio Exilim Hi-Zoom EX-V8 has a pocket-friendly, relatively compact body casko mostly free from protrusions, save for a slight lip ccasio the end of its sliding lens barrier. The shutter button is designed to stop about half way down The recorded image will remain on the display for about one when you press it lightly.

Contact your printer manufacturer for information about models that support Exif Print, printer upgrades, etc.

If you want to use faster shutter speeds, you should Page 15 page 56 1. To attach the strap to the camera. Images are stored as JPEG only.

Casio Exilim EX-V8 Review

In use, the Casio V8’s speed can satisfy and frustrate in almost the same breath. Page 2 As you unpack your camera, check to make sure that all items shown below are included. There was a fair amount of barrel distortion straight lines bow away from center at the wide angle setting. The camera’s continuous shooting mode was a weak spot. In our lab tests, the Exilim V8’s 8. The Exilim EX-V8 did a good job with our macro test subject. With that in mind, you’ll want to buy a larger memory card, and fast.

The camera will focus the image in accordance with your 2.

Casio Exilim EX-V8 Review – DigitalCameraReview

If you want to use faster shutter speeds, you should use a higher ISO sensitivity value. The Exilim EX-V8 has an excellent movie mode. Somewhere in the middle of the camera is its CCD sensor, which is mounted on a movable platform. The V8’s basic manual, with three languages per paragraph. Menu Screen Operation Buttons Select tabs. The software appears to be Flash-based, and it’s awkward and slow to use.


Page Use [ ] and [ ] to focus the image, as you view the results on the monitor screen. You can turn on the LED lamp to brighten things in low light, though your subject may not appreciate the bright light in their face.

You can turn off the camera by doing either of the following. The initial factory default focus mode is Auto Focus. Download speeds were extremely good using the bundled USB cradle, although it is unfortunate that the camera can’t be directly connected to a PC without the cradle.

Menu Reference Menu Reference The tables in this section show the items that appears on the menus that appear on the monitor screen when you press [MENU]. This camera cannot display non-DCF images recorded onto a memory card using another digital camera.

Some of them are more useful than others cough, eBay modeand the high sensitivity mode in particular should be avoided. After rotating a snapshot, you can return it to its original orientation, manuxl you want.