CE CONSTRUCTION PLANNING AND SCHEDULING 2 marks and AND SCHEDULING SUBJECT CODE: CE REGULATION: Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. CE Construction Planning & Scheduling QUESTIONS ANNA Planning & Scheduling SUBJECT CODE: CE REGULATION: Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type: pdf. Details: CE Construction Planning and Scheduling – Lecture Notes (V+ edition).

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At the end of each session of English Lab, review exercises are given for the students to answer and the computer evaluated sheets are to be compiled as record notebook. Transportation Engineering — Sullabus Introduction, C. Computer Aided Design and Drafting Laboratory. Determination of Band Gap of a semiconductor material. Principles of Amplitude and Frequency Modulations. Losses in Pipes Major loss — Friction loss Pipe lengths min.

CE Design Project 4 syllabus 8. Drawing front view, top view and side view of objects from the given pictorial views eg. Water Supply Engineering, Vol.

CIVIL Engineering Anna University Syllabus Regulation 2013

Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. Kemmerly and Steven M. Brick masonry ce23353 stone masonry — beams — columns — lintels — roofing — flooring — plastering — Mechanics — Internal and external forces — stress — strain — elasticity — Types of Bridges and Dams — Basics of Interior Design and Landscaping.

Degree Programmes except B. Here in advanced method of analysis like Matrix method and Plastic Analysis are covered. Plotting of drawings must be made ssyllabus each exercise and attached to the records written by students. Introduction to properties and motivation for study qualitative only. Building construction, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Syl,abus formal letters, quotations, clarification, complaint — Letter seeking permission for Industrial visits— Writing analytical paragraphs on different debatable issues.


Physics and Chemistry Laboratory — I. Simple statistical analysis and application of probability distribution of rainfall and run off shall also be understood.

CIVIL Engineering Anna University Syllabus Regulation

Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2. Licensed software for Drafting and Modeling. Verification of reciprocity theorem 6. CE Soil Mechanics Laboratory 4 2 9. Bricks — stones — sand — cement — concrete — steel sections.

Textile Technology Fashion Technology 6. At syllavus end of this course the student shall have the knowledge of how to start a construction business, how to get finances, how to account, how to price and bid and how to assess the health of a project. After studying this course, students will be able to have a clear understanding of the managerial functions like planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling.

Listening comprehension exercises to categorise data in tables. Immovable Property and iii. Grain size distribution – Sieve analysis Grain size distribution – Hydrometer analysis Sylkabus gravity of soil grains Relative density of sands Atterberg limits test Determination syllaus moisture – Density relationship using standard Proctor test.

Use and overutilization of surface and ground water, floods, drought, conflicts over water, dams-benefits and problems — Mineral resources: LTPC construction activities. Study of capabilities of software for Drafting and Modeling ayllabus Coordinate systems absolute, relative, polar, etc. Sequencing of jumbled sentences using connectives — Writing different types of reports like industrial accident report and survey report — Writing recommendations.


Gopal Ranjan and Rao A. Reading comprehension exercises with questions on overall content — Discussions analyzing stylistic features creative and factual description – Reading comprehension exercises with texts including graphic communication – Exercises in interpreting nonverbal communication.

Viva voce examination Evaluated by the internal examiner appointed by the HOD with the approval of HOI, external examiner appointed syllaabus the University and Guide of the course — with equal Weightage: Bio Medical Engineering 4.

CE Construction Planning And Scheduling May/June QP (Scan Version)

GE Computer Programming 3 3 6. OBJECTIVE At ce235 end of this course the student is expected to understand what constitutes the environment, what are precious resources in the environment, how to conserve these resources, what is the role of a human being in maintaining a clean environment and useful environment for the future generations and how to maintain ecological balance and preserve bio-diversity.

K and Iyengar S. Drawing of a Title Block with necessary text and projection symbol. CE Ground Improvement Techniques 3 3 Listening comprehension — entering information in tabular form, intensive listening exercise and completing the steps of a process. CE Architecture 3 3 5. CE Strength of Materials Laboratory 3 slylabus 8.

They also become familiar with various traffic sylabus and traffic management measures. Characteristics of CB configuration 9.