Inaczej chwasty polne właściwe – grupa chwastów rosnąca na polach uprawnych, wśród roślin uprawnych. Słowa kluczowe: Polygonum lapathifolium L. subsp. lapathifolium, chwasty segetalne, uprawy rolnicze. © IOŚ-PIB. OCHRONA ŚRODOWISKA I ZASOBÓW. Keywords: cultivated land, fertility, germination, Polygonum sp., segetal weeds. Słowa kluczowe: chwasty segetalne, kiełkowanie, plenność, Polygonum sp.

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North of the Tropic of Cancer. Seed bank and weed control.

File:Chwasty segetalne.jpg

Seed viability and dormancy of 17 weed species after 9. Short-term response of old-field plant communities to fire and disturbance. Le principali infestanti del pomodoro da industria. Korovi u usevu soje i njihovo suzbijanje nekim herbicidima. Pathogens causing dry leaf-spot disease.

Journal of Applied Ecology 28 2 Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research 24 2 Journal of Natural Products 59 7 Fragmenta Agronomica 27 2 Romanian Agricultural Research No. Sign in to annotate. Economic returns from broadleaf weed control in hard red winter wheat Triticum aestivum. Weed suppression by Medicago sativa in subsequent cereal crops: Search results Selected records.


Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research 26 3 Effects of MCPA and tribenuron-methyl on seed production and seed size of annual weeds. Host suitability of 32 common weeds to Meloidogyne hapla in organic soils of southwestern Quebec. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 73 2 cywasty, Plant Protection Quarterly 11 1 Weed control in and comments for Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego, Lublin, Poland.

File:Chwasty – Wikimedia Commons

American Journal of Alternative Agriculture 15 2 Terra e Sole 49 Annals of Applied Biology 2 Distribution of selected species of segetal weeds belonging to the Caucalidion daucoidis R. Weed seed bank emergence across the Corn Cheasty. Long-term effects of reduced herbicide use on weed populations and crop yield in wheat.

The paper presents results of the inventory of localities of Scandix pecten-veneris L. De Gruyter – Sciendo.

Niektore ekspansywne chwasty segetalne Kutna. [1996]

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 71 3 Acta Agrobotanica 67 1 View full text article. British Sugar Beet Review 68 126, Conservation headlands for rare arable weeds: Plant attributes determining the regional abundance of weeds on central European arable land. Agribiological Research 52 2 List of endangered and threatened vascular plants in Western Pomerania and Wielkopolska Great Poland.

  ISO 3382-3 PDF

Journal of Nematology 28 4 Suppl.

Changes in the situation of segetal associations from the agrocoenosis of a previously well studied region of Romania. Nitrogen cycling in forest and grass ecosystems irrigated with 15 N-enriched wastewater.

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Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research 24 3 Harrowing at night – influence on the emergence segstalne weeds. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 34 2 User Account Sign in to save segegalne and organize your segetalnd content.