THERMAL INSULATION OF PIPING. (WITH AMENDMENTS / SUPPLEMENTS. TO THE CINI HANDBOOK). Document nr.: PIP – This specification has. atta&ible with thermal insulation in building wall and piping . This handbook of thermal insulation applications vas prepared by EM4C. ducts and steam pipe systems with operating temperatures that are constantly above °C. CINI Manual “Insulation for industries”. CINI recommends applying .

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CINI revises its insulation manual and includes ULTIMATE

Method b shall only be used for items that need to be removed for shutdowns e. And, most importantly, how can it insulatikn controlled? All material specifications have the same structure, with easy to find information. All metal surfaces under insulation shall be suitably protected with a complete paint system in habdbook with DEP Gen. Tentative sizes must be allocated to each structural More information.

Improper selection and installation account for. All of these questions will be answered More information.

All of these questions will be answered. A minimum of two layers of cellular glass shall be applied. All insulation products shall. The responsibility of the engineer is. The method for calculating the economic thickness of insulation shall be in accordance with Section 1. Furthermore, if for process reasons the allowable temperature drop is limited, e. The product should be delivered on site in two components ready for use. Due to practical selection diagrams, the user is able to quickly select the appropriate insulation materials as well as the correct finishing material.

Insulation materials shall be free of asbestos. Supply and install all materials and accoutrements required for the installation More information. The Principal will generally specify the technical requirements. Before the insulation is applied, the surface to be insulated shall be clean and dry. General Vaporizers are constructed in numerous designs and operated in many modes.


The report shall be subject to the approval of the Principal. The thermal insulation and acoustic insulation systems for piping, tanks and equipment shall be able to cope with thermal expansion or contraction; therefore the insulation and jacketing shall be designed to insu,ation expansion or contraction.

Roof coverings More information. Life cycle costs calculations shall be carried out to arrive to the lowest cost, based on the service life of 20 years. Typical insulation collar solutions have been added. Section includes specifications for storm drainage systems including modifications and connections to existing storm drainage systems.

The annular space between insulation material and bare surface is a non-ventilated space in which openings or drains are always located at the lowest point of the piping or equipment. The CINI Manual is a reference book intended for anyone professionally involved in industrial insulation.

Insulation shall not be applied on pumps handling unsulation hydrocarbon products. Chapter 2 Basis of design and materials Chapter 2 Basis of design and materials 2. TICP programs shall be used to determine the economic insulation thickness. Vaporizers – Types and Usage 5.

Drainage outlets should be provided to give visible indication of possible valve or flange leakage. The work covered under this section consists of the furnishing of all necessary labor, supervision, materials, equipment, and services to completely execute the. Selecting TEMA Type Heat Exchangers TEMA is a set of standards developed by leading heat exchanger manufacturers that defines handobok heat exchanger style and the machining and assembly tolerances to be employed. Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute.


August 1 Waterproofing Showers and Hhandbook Guide The purpose of this guide is to provide guidance on how a shower area or wet room can be successfully waterproofed and tiled with the products available. The metal jacket mould shall be installed with overlaps of at least 50 mm over the preformed spacers with temporary bands; vapour barrier jacketing shall be installed with bands and with all joints and overlaps sealed.

  ISO IEC 15418 PDF

The objective is insu,ation set the recommended standard for good design and engineering practice applied by Group companies operating an oil refinery, gas handling installation, chemical plant, oil and gas production facility, or any other such facility, and thereby to achieve maximum technical and economic benefit from standardization.

The use of mobile manufacturing facilities e. A typical removable insulation cover for pumps is shown in Appendix Insulation with e. The adhesives shall withstand any stresses and strains, accommodate contraction ihsulation the foam and remain effective within the required temperature range. The insulationn thickness shall be identical to the line insulation and shall be staggered see Appendix Dip tank operations involving flammable More information.

The jacketing system shall be as indicated in DEP Gen.

All carbon steel handboo, shall be hot dip galvanised. Technical and industrial insulation. To reduce heat losses, insulation applied in two or more layers shall have staggered joints. Fixed costs, such as scaffolding and metal surface preparation cost, shall not be included. Consequently, three categories of users of DEPs can be distinguished: They support petrochemical plant, More information.

Quality Insulation made of calcium silicate. However, the applicable material specifications and the numerous construction details, obtained from different disciplines and years of experience, form a good basis for a proper insulation specification. For temperatures lower than the maximum ambient temperature a primary vapour barrier shall be applied.