Installation Guide for Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set. SX20 Quick Set components. • SX20 Codec. • Camera options *. A: PrecisionHD p 12X. Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set. This set delivers high-definition video quality and multiparty conferencing. Two camera options accommodate mid-to- large. Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used “Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set with Precision H ” and save 84% off the $11, list price. Buy with confidence as the.

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The on-screen menus are logical and easy to follow.

The received audio level was measured as peaking to 0dBm. The main camera occupies one channel and the source connected to the DVI-I input the second channel, this is normally a PC or laptop. Positioning the POP images vertically rather than side by side enables both images to be displayed wide screen while retaining the image aspect ratio.

The main HDMI output carries the digital stereo signals. The video quality experienced between SX20 systems at p 60fps was excellent; the high resolution images and the superb motion rendition at p 60fps were impressive. The function of these keys is indicated by on-screen menus which appear when the soft key functions cisci available. The quality of echo cancellation and doubletalk from the system was excellent. The text within these on-screen soft keys was fairly small so care is required in selection of screen size to ensure accurate selection.

View active tab What links here. SX20 Quick Set gives you easy to use one solution in a combination of a powerful codec, three camera choices and a dual display. sxx20

When Presentation material is transmitted or received the remote control Layout button determines the second monitor display and these main monitor screen display combinations:.

Both cameras produced some noticeable mechanical noise and the 12x camera at times struggled to find focus at the lower light levels. The main HDMI connection carries the digital audio output but separate tndberg audio input and output connections are also available. Two precision PTZ Pan Tilt and Zoom p HD cameras with a native resolution of x pixels at 60 frames per second were supplied for evaluation with 4x and 12x zoom lenses and horizontal viewing angles of 70 and 72 degrees respectively.


Useful icons appear at the lower right of the screen to indicate conference parameters e. The system may be operated locally from the infra-red remote control.

In single display mode with no Presentation material transmitted or received these are:. A lens hood was included with the 12x to reduce flare. At the remote site these two images may either be viewed on two separate monitors or using POP displayed on a single screen.

It will transform any standard flat panel display into a sleek, powerful and a reliable unified communication system. If ceiling mounted i. The Cisco TelePresence Clsco Quick set is ss20 with certain predefined specifications and features that help to create an environment optimized for the best possible audio-visual experience of all times. The detailed video test scores below confirm the products exceptional performance across the board.

Enjoy a high definition, live, face to face experience over a network and across remote locations with Cisco TelePresence SX20 multipoint switch that would easily and most reliably include multiple locations in one single meeting. The connections for basic operation were clearly illustrated on the installation guide and in the documentation and involved:.

Picture froze – picture goes to black, call then terminates on network reconnection. Or use the local contacts directory available from the user interface Phone Book or the Recent Calls lists.

The 12x Precision camera exhibited some issues including mechanical noise and struggled to find focus at times particularly at lower light levels. Therefore with TelePresence MultiSite technology now you can collaborate with more people in different locations without having to travel from place to place. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise looking to expand your business, manage costs, make quick decisions and improve customer intimacy, Cisco TelePresence SX20 is the right combination of technology and design having great potential to transform your business into one productive environment.


Tandberg Video Conferencing Systems- Video Conference – Video conferencing

Received Presentation material is not however available as a snapshot. Almost every aspect of SX20 Quick Set is engineered to deliver high definition video and multiparty conferencing in order to give a truly immersive environment to its participants so as to give a feeling that everyone participating is sitting in the same room.

A system microphone, infrared remote control and an external power supply completed the package. The SX20 ciscco includes a rather noisy Vari-Speed cooling fan which at times was noticeable both locally and at the remote site via the system microphone. For security this remote web connection is password protected. Thus presentation material from a camera and material from a PC could be transmitted simultaneously and displayed on two monitors at the remote site.

The system may also be configured via a web browser from a network connected PC.

Tandberg (Cisco) TelePresence SX20 Quick Set

In single display mode when H. Setting up the SX20 system was straightforward. During boot up the vari-speed fan is noisy and at times during normal operation is noticeable. Enter the number of the additional site into the call menu or select the site from the directory or the recent call list. The system may also be configured, controlled and monitored via a password protected web browser from a network connected PC.

The echo canceller is fully automatic in operation. PC audio and analogue stereo audio are both available via industry standard 3.